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Arctic Avengers
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Welcome to the Official Website of the Arctic Avengers

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Arctic News


538979806_Inactive, Jun 22, 07 12:10 PM.
    Hey everyone. In order to help better organize the supergroup, we will now be accepting applications for supergroup officers.  To become an officer, send an email to Falcon Blaster, and I will review it with other officers of the group. 

    When filling out an application, please make sure you list why you want to be an officer in the AA, what qualites make you the best for the job, and how you can help improve the AA community.

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New SuperGroups

538979806_Inactive, Jun 21, 07 1:48 PM.
Hey everyone, in order to make sure that we always have members online, we would like members to transfer their inactive alts into the Arctic Avengers Reserve Supergroup. If you have any level 50s you may bring them in the Arctic Avengers Elite Supergroup, and if you have any villains, you may add them to the ArcticAssailant supergroup on villains. Please contact either Falcon Blaster, StarShower, or Gundragon, for information
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