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Elusive Legacy

Lexx--Losthopes, Sep 3, 08 6:03 PM.
Congratulations and thank you to Blood, Chinchilla, Desoto, Gambitx, Bearwoof and Lycidia on building one of the most prestigious Linkshells on carbuncle. We had our successes and our downfalls but still remain a family.

5 tiamats

8 cerbs


5+ JoL

DL full drops

8/12 aces KV

For now Elusive is no longer a end game shell but instead a social ls, perhaps one day we will return to end game.

sky then sea

Lexx--Losthopes, Jul 26, 08 7:52 AM.


Johto, Jul 14, 08 6:40 PM.

A little late getting our feet wet in the ZNM business
but so far so good. Looking forward to tier III's next time.
Grats to Gokku on his blood ring!


Johto, Jun 30, 08 7:15 PM.

We killed things, they apparently dropped stuff...
Grats to people who apparently received something...

More Omega _-_

Johto, Jun 11, 08 6:24 PM.
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Grats to Maysee On her Homam head
And baralai on his Fresh kicks! Maybe next time this kid will cough up some pants!


Lexx--Losthopes, Jun 2, 08 7:54 PM.

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Great drops in sky were about done here Einherjar otw!


Lexx--Losthopes, Jun 2, 08 3:45 PM.

No alternate text supplied.
horrible drops -.-


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