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14th Oct - High King Mauled

537992468_Inactive, Oct 15, 07 4:49 AM.
Sunday 14th Oct saw Redemption start their long journey through 25 man content.

A slow start and some careful planning saw us performPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
a very nicely executed win over
High King Maulger and his 4 Henchmen.

It's been a testing time recently for Redemption, many changes and difficulties but last night showed just what we can do. It's a great achievement for all those who made it happen and testament to the strength of the guild as a whole.

Thank you to all who attended and let's make this the start of an amazing journey together.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

 With determined and dedicated players we have a truly
 wonderful road to travel so please sign up for the next raid
 and let's have more successes like this one.

 From all the officers in Redemption, Thank You.

Congratulations Coti

537992468_Inactive, Jul 29, 07 5:37 AM.
Epic drops all round, congratulations Coti.

Click the link above to see the new picture.

28th July - Karazhan reduced to rubble... Redemption demolish the tower.

537992468_Inactive, Jul 28, 07 3:27 PM.

Mission #1 Accomplished, Karazhan is cleared.

No alternate text supplied.Saturday and Redemption set out on the ultimate leg of their epic journey through Karazhan. A team of veteran dragon slayers assembled for the final assault. Distant, far off memories of Onyxia and Nefarian, experiences still burning, forever etched into the minds of those who were there.

The first foe we faced descended upon us at the Master's Terrace. Nightbane, the fiery skeletal dragon. Initially gaining the upper hand he fought well but we battled on and eventually this worthy opponent was subdued.

The victory was sweet and our thirst for another trophy strong.

No alternate text supplied.

Smashing our way back through the labyrinthine Guardian's Library we came across a large observatory. Patrolling this huge room was a nether drake who goes by the name Netherspite. A very enjoyable fight that requires immaculate co-ordination and focus, just the sort of fight we look for. In a very short time the drake was defeated and Redemption stood proud as conquerors of Karazhan.
Mission accomplished.

No alternate text supplied.

From all the officers in Redemption we'd like to thank each and every one of you sincerely. Together we've achieved a wonderful gaming experience and with Karazhan now cleared we have paved the way to even greater challenges in the future.

The next Karazhan raid is listed on the calendar. All who can attend, please go and sign up.

17th July - Terestian Illhoof

537992468_Inactive, Jul 17, 07 3:41 PM.
No alternate text supplied.Tuesday, the last night before reset and Redemption, after
their glorious victory over Prince Malchezaar, set off in search
of a new scalp in Karazhan.

Today's target.. Terestian Illhoof, along with his minion Kil'Rek.

A few raid adjustments early on were all that was required
and the victory, once again, safely secured.

Terestian´s Stranglestaff (Happyshroom)
Cord of Nature´s Sustenance (Happyshroom)

A swift victory in the Library left Redemption's raiders time to go looking for other prey. A quick exploration and dispatch of the minions found in the basement turned up a worthy foe.

No alternate text supplied.  Forced out of hiding in the servant's quarters was Shadikith the Glider who yielded

  Glider´s Greavers of the Beast (shard)

That's another two notches on Redemption's tickling stick and the conquest of Karazhan is now looming large.
Well done to all who attended, a superb effort this week.

The next Karazhan raid is listed on the calendar. All who can attend, please go and sign up.

15th July - Prince Malchezaar... gets crowned!

537992468_Inactive, Jul 15, 07 9:10 PM.
No alternate text supplied.You'd better believe it...

Redemption are on the war path and nothing in Karazhan is going to stand in our way for long.

This is what raiding is all about, congratulations to all, it was a superb evening. Some early adjustments and things were looking good, then Prince Malchezaar rallied and one unlucky meteor after another saw us pushed back late into the evening.. until finally, inevitably, it all came together.

Redemption once more victorious and the Prince yielding..

Helm of the Fallen Hero (Xolloow)
Nathrezim Mindblade (Amalfor)
Farstrider Wildercloak (Gank)

Congratulations to all who signed up for the raid, we're almost there.

The next Karazhan raid is listed on the calendar. All who can attend, please go and sign up.
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