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Angel Has Fallen
Welcome to Angel Has Fallen!

Angel Has Fallen is a Lineage 2 clan on the Kain server. Please feel free to look around the site and post any questions you might have. Thank you.

New Alliance!

Angel Has Fallen is now in the Mercenaries alliance with Merc!!

Temp Clan Screenshot

538983404_Inactive, Oct 20, 07 10:42 PM.
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Desolate Earns Title "Mini Raid Boss" After Solo Raid

538983404_Inactive, Jun 23, 07 12:43 AM.

When Desolate hit lvl 21 I took her to solo Discarded Guardian in the Elven Ruins on Talking Island. I stocked up with 35,000 DSS, 250 GHPs, 30 GSAPs, and was armed with +3 Bastard*Elven Duals and wearing a full +3 Brig set and Elven Jewel set. I took my 63 Shillen Elder Mipross , and my good friend's "Beatchin Buffer" LadyParalda who is a level 48 Prophet. Once we got to Discarded Guardian (after Mip one shot everything on the way there without soul shots), we began some hardcore buffing. Desolate was uber buffed (buffs listed below) needless to say. LadyParalda gave me the count down and Desolate was OFF! It took 37mins and 21 secs to conquer his 175,000 HP! Desolate only used 107 GHP, 3 GSAP, and 13k DSS. The drops were not great (only got a Puma Skin Shirt, and 54 Blessed Pet Res), however, that massive amount of EXP and SP took me from level 21 and 12% to level 27 and 2.86%!!!! All in all cost about 120k, and 37 mins for 6 levels! So it was well worth it! Of course I could not have done it without my "Beatchin Buffer" LadyParalda!!!! Thanks a ton Lady! I owe you huge!

Concentration 5, Vampiric Rage 3, Holy Resistance 1, Guidance 3, Death Whisper 3, Focus 3, Greater Empower 3, Might 3, Shield 3, Mental Shield 4, Resist Wind 3, Invigor 2, Bless the Soul 2, Bless the Body 2, Bless Shield 2, Magic Barrier 1, Resist Fire 3, Haste 1, Berzerker Spirit 1

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