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The Istari
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Welcome to the website of The Istari, a Windfola server kin. The Istari is made up of friendly, active, and helpful players. We recently formed but our numbers are growing faster than we expected. It's the kin's goal to have groups of players that help eachother levelquest and share in the fun that is LoTRO.

We currently have no level requirement, however we are not accepting alts (alternative characters) only the main character you play. Recruitment is open at this time. If interested please send a tell to Grimnath or Krago. It is REQUIRED you register at guildportal.comto use our forums and be in the kin.

And so it begins!...kind of

539034280_Inactive, Jul 19, 07 10:52 PM.
Ok the site is set, now all we need is for everyone who is already in the kin to register and hit the forums.

You may want to check them out, since there has been a lot of item sharing recently by a certain generous lvl 50 Captain ingame.

Oh and if you look like an orc, don't expect for our forums to work, it's allergic to orc kin...and blueberry cheesecake, go figure!

Website Update

539034280_Inactive, Jul 18, 07 5:42 PM.
As you can see, we're working on improving our site. 

We've opted for a bit darker layout so that the white text can be easier to read.

The forums have been categorized and expanded a bit. New useful links are now displayed in our site as well. If you know of a useful site with guides which is not listed, please post in our Feedback forum (registered members only).

There are now 3 categories, Public Forums (anyone can see them), Private forums (for kin members only) and Officers forums (for kin officers only).

The current color layout may not be final, we may still change it based on the feedback we get from members.

It is REQUIRED that you register at for us to grant you member access to this website and to apply to join our kin.

Any questions please contact Grimnath or Krago.


538985530_Inactive, Jun 23, 07 10:40 PM.
The Istari is currently recruiting.
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