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CT and Vic
Jun 4, 09 1:04 PM
Rallos Zek DEAD!!!
May 29, 09 8:55 PM
Veeshan Twins and CT
May 26, 09 10:54 PM
Memorial Day
May 25, 09 9:05 PM
Rallos Zek
May 20, 09 10:52 PM

Game News


Welcome to Knights Templar of Marr's Fist
Templar was created in July of 2004.   Since then, we've become a very close knit group of avid players and raiders.  We pride ourselves on the focus and attention we give to one another as well as the help we provide to our community members.  Knights Templar is a focused group of players with extremely strong leadership.  The longevity of our guild has surpassed the expectations of many, along with the many accomplishments achieved, the strength and unity is forever established.


CT and Vic

maidenfan, Jun 4, 09 1:04 PM.
Doing what KT does best, Cazic Thule and Khalimet Viceroy were put down like the dogs they are!

Rallos Zek DEAD!!!

maidenfan, May 29, 09 8:55 PM.
As promised all three forms of the God of War were killed by a stellar performance from the Knights Templar. In what turned out to be a epic almost 2 hour long battle with 10 stack clerics and under ten dds with Articwall maintanking the entire time KT needed only one practice run last week to make this happen. Congrats to all who attended the raid!

Veeshan Twins and CT

maidenfan, May 26, 09 10:54 PM.
Bulwark and Talon met there fates tonites when KT MT'd both dragons simultaneously, great healing and kill crews made this a flawless encounter. Cazic Thule was dismantled afterwards. Guild promotions were handed out-grats to Litany, Ozmann, Fendi and Zombi!!!

Memorial Day

maidenfan, May 25, 09 9:05 PM.
The Knight's Templar raise shield and sword in salute to honor all of the loved ones that have been lost over the years!

Rallos Zek

maidenfan, May 20, 09 10:52 PM.
Testing a new strategy out on the Plane of Wars master the Knights Templar were able to beat the first form, it shouldn't be long till all 3 forms are taking dirt naps.

CT and Bulwark of Veeshan

maidenfan, May 17, 09 2:45 PM.
The God of Fear and and one half of PoS twins were engaged in battle and subsequently destroyed.

CT and Talon of Veeshan

maidenfan, May 17, 09 2:42 PM.
On tues Cazic Thule and Talon of Veeshan felt the might that is Knights Templar.

Bulwark and Talon of Veeshan

maidenfan, May 3, 09 7:40 PM.
The Veeshan Twins on the Plane of Sky were tanked simultaneously as the awesome healing crew and efficient kill crew did their thing, Janowix and Articwall were the maintanks. Nice Job KT!

Uzra, Bert and Cazic Thule

maidenfan, Apr 29, 09 8:23 PM.
Still Kickin Ass and takin names-NUFF SAID!!!

Ov' wit der heads

maidenfan, Apr 26, 09 4:38 PM.
Dynmath the Tyrant, Bertoxxulous and Khalimet Viceroy all leaders of vile regimes were systematically destroyed by the sheer power of Knights Templar! The following morning Uzra spawned and was also taken down.
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