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kartikeya200 (Member) 7/23/2009 6:20 AM EST : Shard Gets Adopted
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Right so, this bit of the RP tonight had me cracking up, and I figured I'd post it. I edited out a kitchen conversation for clarity's sake, and I cut it off before things started getting serious again. In short, what led up to this was a serious and entirely unfunny conversation. Halflings have interesting solutions to problems.

Morian : "That's it. BIRD! "
Morian : "*calls out* "
 Shard : "*jumps*"
 Jhayel : "*jump*"
 Jhayel : "WHAT?"
 Morian : "*leads the way out of the kitchen, wanting a change of scene anyway* "
 Shard : "*follows her, carrying the teacup. She glances toward the bar, but doesn't actually go for a bottle. Yet anyway*"
 Jhayel : "*has set up on the couch* yeah?"
 Morian : "I'm adoptin' Shard as sister.  It means ye can no marry 'er, though, because then ye'd be married to yer sister."
 Morian : "And that would just get ... awkward."
 Jhayel : "*blink* WHAT?!"
 Morian : "She needs it, no?"
 Shard : "*blinks rapidly* "
 Jhayel : "*pout* *grumble*"
 Shard : "*opens her mouth*"
 Shard : "*closes it with a small click of her teeth*"
 Morian : "*looks at Shard* Now, here's the way it works.  Me grandmum, she do rule the family at home.   The women, we do lead the home, no?"
 Shard : "Err..."
 Shard : "*looks entirely out of her element*"
 Morian : "As of today ye be a halflin'."
 Jhayel : "*blink*"
 Morian : "Thing is, I've been the halflin' longer, so I'm older."
 Morian : "Don't forget that, either."
 Shard : "B-but I...wait...what?"
 Jhayel : "... *blink, wondering if he's wandered into a nightmare*"
 Morian : "*sternly* No marryin' brothers."
 Shard : "I'm n-not marrying anyone. But..."
 Morian : "Oh. And I think this means ye be related to Jethal. But never ye mind 'im, for he do only be a man. "
 Shard : "*looks as though she's not entirely sure what just happened*"
 Shard : "Wait, /what/?"
 Jhayel : "where did jethal come in with this?"
 Morian : "*waves that little detail away*  Like I said, never ye mind 'im. He do only be a man.  "
 Shard : "B-but...Morian."
 Jhayel : "HEY!"
 Letty : "*limps in looking much better than she had the last two days*"
 Shard : "I'm. Uh. I m-mean. I..."
 Morian : "Now, Shard, ye be the only sister I have.  And normally me line do run long on men and few on daughters.  So don't do somethin' foolish and let the family down"
 Morian : "*bows to Letty* Me lady."
 Shard : "..."
 Jhayel : "*is more than a little insulted*"
 Letty : "Hello, dears"
 Jhayel : "*grumble*"
 Shard : "B-but I' don't w-want...and th-there's..."
 Morian : "Nonsense, nonsense.  I never change me mind about adoptin' someone who needs it"
 Morian : "Now. Bird be yer brother. Don't boss 'im around too much."
 Shard : "But I d-don't.../do/...families."
 Letty : "*takes a seat*  Oh, you're adopting, Morian?"
 Jhayel : "*look of mild horror now*"
 Shard : "*seems to think this is a very important factor*"
 Morian : "Indeed, me lady Letty. I'm adoptin' Shard as me sister. "
 Morian : "She needs the family."
 Morian : "So, for no on, she be a halflin'"
 Letty : "That's wonderful!"
 Letty : "Congratulations to both of you!"
 Cechir : "Cechir - *looks a little bemused*"
 Shard : "M-Morian, I r-really d-don't think it's a g-good idea...I d-don't..."
 Morian : "I thought so. Save that now it means that Shard and Bird can no get married"
 Shard : "And there's all th-this..."
 Jhayel : "*prectically runs for the bar*"
 Cechir : "oh well.  I suppose there is sacrifice in all things"
 Morian : "Brothers and sisters can no wed. "
 Letty : "Oh, were they?  *looks to Jhayel*  I didn't know you proposed!"
 Shard : "I'm n-not getting married!"
 Jhayel : "*mild glare at the others as he rummages for a bottle of rum*"
 Cechir : "*stern, to Morian*  now, don't go making more matches just yet.  You're still one ceremony behind,, you know."
 Letty : "*blinks at Shard* I, is that why Morian adopted you?  So you could turn down his proposal?"
 Morian : "Exactly, Shard.  Now settle down.  LIke I said, in me line, tis the women who lead the house, no? "
 Morian : "Men can run around all foolish and the like, but women have to stay sensible"
 Cechir : "/eye"
 Shard : "I d-don't know /why/ she's adopting me. I'm not sensible."
 Letty : "*nods at Morian in agreement*"
 Jhayel : "*finally finds that rum bottle and driiiiiinks*"
 Morian : "And I've been the halflin' longer!  So I'm older.  *wanting to reiterate this*  "
 Cechir : "*small smile*  that's okay, Shard...neither is she."
 Letty : "Perhaps because you never learned how, dear?  Well, now you have a mother to teach you properly, as is a mother's duty to her daughter"
 Morian : "Don't be thinkin' this makes ye the eldest, for it do no. Ye don't even know any o' the halflin' rites"
 Shard : "*gives Cechir a tiny, panicked look. She clearly has absolutely no idea how to take this*"
 Morian : "Nay, Letty, I'm no takin' 'er as a daughter, but as a sister.  Easier that way"
 Jhayel : "*is now perched behind the bar, looking non too happy*"
 Letty : "Oh....I see...*she clearly doesn't, looking very confused, but she still smiles as if it's all a grand idea*"
 Morian : "I'm not old enough to be 'er mum, Letty. Twouldn't be right, no?"
 Cechir : "Cechir - *is actually smiling a little, as he watches this*"
 Morian : "Besides, don't I've enough to do without bein' someone's mum?  I'd rther be a sister and let me mum sort 'er out"
 Cechir : "Cechir - and, well, to be frank Shard, I'm more comfortable being your brother-in-law than your step-father."
 Shard : "...Y-your mum?"
 Letty : "*glances at Jhayel and then back to Shard, lowering her voice*  He doesn't seem to be taking your choice to decline his offer very well, is he?"
 Morian : "Well. Yer mum now, too"
 Shard : "...B-but. "
 Cechir : "Cechir - *says this very dry, but with amusement*"
 Jhayel : "*grumble pout drink*"
 Shard : "He d-didn't offer and I already t-told him and m-my mother's not..."
 Morian : "And paps, o' course. Ye'll love Paps, Shard."
 Shard : "*loses a little color in her face*"
 Jhayel : "*goes to go sulk in the kitchen*"
 Cechir : "Cechir - *smiles behind his glass, wondering just Mori's parents THINK about al lthe unique family their daughter brings home*"
 Morian : "And Robby and Nobby and Harold and Barry and Jerry and Merry and Tipple and Topple."
 Letty : "*gets up and limps after Jhayel, concerned*"
 Cechir : "Cechir - *is a little releived to think that perhaps after all this, /he/ won't be /too much/ of an unwelcome surprise*"
 Shard : "..."
 Shard : "Th-this is really a bad idea."
 Cechir : "*Cechir decides to help*   nonsense, Shard.  Everyone needs family, yes? "
 Morian : "Everyone do. Welcome to the family, Shard."
 Morian : "I'll get ye a knife."
 Shard : "But it's...b-but it's..."
 Morian : "Would ye rather a rollin' pin?"
 Shard : "What? No."
 Shard : "I j-just. I don't. I don't /have/ families."
 Morian : "Boys be givin' a knife when they come to age to use on what the women tell them, no?"
 Morian : "Girls be given a rollin' pin.  To use on whatever needs rollin'."
 Shard : "I use knives. --Th-that isn't the point!"
 Cechir : "*shaking his head*  well.  At least SHE didnt' knock you unconcious, Shard."
 Morian : "WEll.. don't cut 'em too deeply."
 Shard : "*a little more quietly* It's /dangerous/."
 Morian : "Don't worry, me lady. I've never heard o' a halflin' Lycan"
 Morian : "So... ye'll be the first!"
 Shard : "Th-that's not what I was..."
 Shard : "There's. It's not. ..."
 Shard : "*stops as a thought occurs to her* ...It's n-not going on paper or an-anything, is it?"
 Morian : "The most important things in life have nothin' to do with paper."
 Shard : "B-but it's n-not going in some record s-someone else c-can research, right?"
 Morian : "Well. I'll put it in me family book, no?"
 Shard : "Wh-what's...where's that?"
 Morian : "*says this as if it is a great honor* "
 Shard : "*sinks into a seat, thinking. She still looks half terrified and rather sideswiped, but she's calmer now.*"
 Shard : "...C-can you d-do me a favor then? When you d-do?"
 Morian : "Hmm?"
 Shard : "...D-don't put me down as Shard."
 Shard : "*breathes a bit*"
 Morian : "What name should I use?"
 Shard : "My n-name's Kelyna."
 Shizouka : "*yawns and pads in, shield over her shoulder, decked down in her armor*"
 Morian : "*smiles*  Very well, me lady. That's a beaitful name."
 Morian : "*bows to Shizouka* "
 Shizouka : "*waves as she sets the heavy shield down*"
 Shard : "It's n-not one I use any more. B-but it's my real one. And...and it'd look b-better. In your book."
 Morian : "Very well then, me lady SHard.  *smiling sympathetically*  Ye know. Some people are even happy to have a family.  I guess bein' a halflin' has its drawbacks, though"
 Shard : "Drawbacks?"
 Letty : "*shakes her head*  Men!  *She limps out and reclaims her seat*"
 Shizouka : "*raises an eyeridge, tail swaying about*"
 Morian : "Bein' short for one"
 Morian : "*smiles at Shizouka*  *then back to Shard, very seriously* I don't think ye'll have that problem."
 Shizouka : "*sits down in a chair, starts pulling off armor*"
 Letty : "*waves to Shizouka*  Hello, dear"
 Shard : "Oh. N-no, not really. Not in comparison."
 Morian : "One time I adopted a fellow as brother, and in two days he shrunk three feet."
 Morian : "Strangest thing I'd ever seen..."

Jethal (Officer) 8/10/2009 8:11 PM EST : RE: Shard Gets Adopted
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ooc - thanks for the shot in the ego... i'll just be over here doing "man" things.. *snickers*

wait wait wait.. that means shard and jhayel are my great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, grand niece/nephew??  they sure don't listen to their elders.. neither does Morian for that matter.  I'm gonna go get my cane and chase you all off my lawn now.

/gets his cane and shakes it menicingly in the air
Get off mah lawn ya dang blasted kids!!  and pick up that mess yer dog made!!  oh, sorry shard..

kartikeya200 said:

 Morian : "Oh. And I think this means ye be related to Jethal. But never ye mind 'im, for he do only be a man. "
 Shard : "*looks as though she's not entirely sure what just happened*"
 Shard : "Wait, /what/?"
 Jhayel : "where did jethal come in with this?"
 Morian : "*waves that little detail away*  Like I said, never ye mind 'im. He do only be a man.  "


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