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Serinanth (Applicant) 7/10/2008 12:36 PM EST : Book n' Blade Brewery!
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Friday, July 18ththe Book n’ Blade Brewery will be opening its doors to the public!

Listed as Booknblade at Timorous Heights

From its humble beginningsat Irontoe’s East, the Book and Blade has evolved over the years welcominganyone regardless of their alignment in for a good drink or simply a comfy seatand knowledge from its centuries thick library.

The Rules of the establishmentare simple.
#1: The Bartenderis always right.
#2: If theBartender is wrong, see rule #1.
#3: No fightin ofphysical or magical nature in which blood may be shed.

 That said, TheBook n’ Blade bein a neutral establishment you may just come across someone youdon’t particularly like. If so, ya can turn the other cheek, duel words.


Challenge them. *Deepannouncer voice* “To a game of drink.”

Friends and foesit doesn’t matter!
So sit back, relax,grab a drink, a book, or even get yer blades sharpened.


A little historyof the B n’B.

During its stay inQeynos the Ironforge family repeatedly tried to shut down the establishmentciting that Seri’s Mechanomagical forge was far too unsafe. Truth was, thedesign removed the need for coals, and as the chief supplier of coal in Qeynos,the Ironforge family wanted it shut down.
Only with helpfrom within the Ironforge’s ranks was the B n'B able to stay in operation.

 Once the seascalmed the B n’B moved to Kelethin, where real safety concerns and distrust ofthings tinkered caused the Kelethin housing committee to shut down the establishmentin short order.

 Finally the B n’Bhas found its home, a place where technology is not feared, it is studied.Where anyone mayenter without having to fear the guards, or use the sewers to sneak around.


Oh and don't worry, the forge is pretty safe these days.

And, now a lil peek.


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