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kartikeya200 (Member) 11/18/2009 2:42 AM EST : A Fire in the Scaleyard
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In the early morning hours, long before the break of dawn, a fire broke out at a compound near the docks in the Scaleyard. The blaze was so furious that half of the compound was consumed before any efforts could be made to get the fire under control. Luckily, stone walls and a lack of wind prevented the fire from spreading to any nearby hovels.

The compound belonged to a longtime resident of the Scaleyard, an Iksar slaver named Mindrass. Mindrass had been in business for years and years, and was well known for being a competent businessman, a regular taxpayer, and a decent contributor of bribes to the local Militia officers to not poke their noses too deeply into his business. He had many customers from all walks of Freeport life.

And now, his place was burning.

No one paid any heed to the message that had been left out front of the compound doors, grisly as it was, until they had managed to get the fire enough under control to be sure that it wouldn't spread, and wouldn't flare up again. Then, the message was all the onlookers could pay attention to.

Laying out in front of the doors to the now-smoking, utterly destroyed ruin, were two objects. The first was a note written on plain parchment, in a dark brown stain that was possibly blood:

Let this be the fate of all who fear a dead human over our Lord, Cazic Thule.

Next to the note was another message, far less wordy and far more memorable:

The cleanly sliced-off face of the Iksar slaver.

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