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kartikeya200 (Member) 12/5/2009 4:51 PM EST : The Commoner: Resistances, Rebellions, and Insurrecti...
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The following newspaper inexplicably appears overnight in both Qeynos and Freeport, and a little later in Kelethin, Gorowyn, and even Neriak. Shoved under doors, left in mailboxes, posted in taverns, and dropped onto porches, it's:

The Commoner 

Resistances, Rebellions, and Insurrections, Oh My!
Finish your Frostfell Shopping early!

Greetings, Citizens! We hope that your day has been both pleasant and profitable. Have you taken insurrection and rebellion into account when planning for your holiday activities this year? Do you know someone who would enjoy a regime change for Frostfell? Or maybe you simply think that the removal of certain rival parties would make an excellent turn-of-the-year gift!

Well, if you are in Freeport, you may be in luck, valued readers. Rumors are flying wild about some kind of resistance formenting beneath the streets of Lucan D'Lere's city. Several of our sources have confirmed such rumors, stating that the resistance is so far quite small, but being well trained. When asked about the leader of said unruly group of discontents, our sources were understandably reluctant. However, the rumors that have reached our ears hint that the rebel leader may be some sort of charismatic knight, possibly even a paladin. Alas, our attempts at contacting him for an exclusive interview have been unsuccessful, but never fear! The Commoner does not give up so easily.

Naturally, our Freeport subscribers would be wise to be skeptical of any such rumors of heinous underground dealings, especially with well armored holy men wielding flaming weaponry. After all, rebellion in Freeport is a crime, and we all know that the crime-rate in Freeport is outstandingly low, especially with her protectors and law enforcers so often half-way across the world, doing their duty to Freeport's citizenry by killing and tormenting people that we have never met, or spending their hard earned bribes and tax money in foreign taverns and vacation spots. Surely, any such actual insurrection would be found and put down quickly by these noble officers of Lucan. After all, Freeport has never had, and will never have to deal with such terrible offenses to the law as Thulian uprisings, foreign spies, homegrown traitors, or illegal newspapers.

As a final note, we here at the Commoner would like to urge our readers to finish their Frostfell shopping early this year. We hear that freshly sharpened weapons and materials for barricades are quite popular purchases, and it would be a shame for such gifts to run out before our readers can obtain them! You never can tell, someone you know may find them useful very soon.


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