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kartikeya200 (Member) 5/20/2008 7:08 AM EST : A Promise is a Promise (Post Meeting of the Guilds RP...
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Why is it? Shard wondered, as she scribbled a swift message, that the fatter Drinal gets the more cheerful I am lately? Isn't it supposed to work the other way around? It was a dangerous sort of feeling, either way. A heat behind her eyeballs and an indescribable hunger. Maybe it was the thought of losing it just long enough to eat Axxon and Urdis. That would have been fun.

The kestrel on her arm shifted, and Shard paused for a moment to brush fingers down the bird's hackles, murmuring words of calming. The kestrel didn't much care for large crowds, and there was still a considerably large bunch milling about behind her.

"I didn't make any promises", Shard had said.

"You're not a lone wolf anymore," Tosta  had countered.

It rankled, mostly because it was true. But the agreement didn't really change anything. After all, maybe the Vagabond Knights had agreed to stay out of Freeport and Neriak for the time being.

But there hadn't been any agreement about not sending others there with the cure and seeing it distributed. They would just have to be careful that they weren't spotted at it.

And the first thing she'd see to was Cechir's Temple Street clinic. Beneath the heavily encoded words she was writing lay a fairly simple message:

I'm calling in my favor. There is absolutely no reason for someone like you to be delivering blight cures to a small two-room clinic on Temple Street. So you will deliver them.

The message finished, Shard rolled it up and tied it to her kestrel's leg, murmured quietly to the bird, and then sent it off in the direction of Gorowyn, flapping low over the houses of Shin and gaining elevation quickly.

And of course, proliferation of the cure would prevent monopoly. This was two methods taken care of, and she had plenty of money for the next. Shard reached up and touched the small, plain earring dangling from only one ear.

"Hey, Vorik? How would you like to make some coin..."

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