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Andorhal First And Only
The site is up!

Macneil has left me in charge of the maintaining of the website, due to my past website running experiences. Expect changes to come as new content is obtained, as well as more features to be included. Please, bare with me, for I also work a full-time job, and play WoW full-time. I will add content as I get the time.

Second General
Myrmidon Company Commander
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Upcoming Webpage Modifications

539005115_Inactive, Jul 18, 07 7:42 PM.
Alright.. So, I've been thinking.. And, well.. Our webpage looks a bit bland. So.. In the hopes of sprucing things up, and bringing more life to the Guild, as far as Internet Presence.. I'll be remodeling the look of the webpage. I ask you bear with me as the modifications are being made. I AIM to have the changes completed by this weekend's closing. Thank you.

In Character Guild Alliance

539005115_Inactive, Jul 9, 07 5:40 PM.
<Andorhal First And Only> is now formally allied in roleplay with <The Order of Valar>. Information updated in the Guild Alliance Information section. Check for website. All Andorhal members are free to register on their website, and them on ours. Enjoy.

New Information Provided

539005115_Inactive, Jul 7, 07 4:59 AM.
Alright, all you roleplayers, or potential roleplayers. A guide has been posted outlining the basics of roleplay within World of Warcraft. This guide is INCOMPLETE, but content will be added frequently. Use the guide, and you'll be up and RPing with the best of them in no time!
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