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Crazy Train
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Welcome to the Crazy Train website!

A little about our guild...

   We have three guild masters: Zhitnik, Blulok and Nixum. We started this guild to give our teammates the freedom to play as they wish, not be forced to do something that they may not desire to do. This guild is about having fun, playing in groups with like minded people. We want to allow people to enjoy the game their own way. We also appreciate and welcome diversity. We hope that any interests you have you can share with us and possibly open a new door for us.

We have one requirement: and that is respect. Please respect yourself, your fellow guild mates and your fellow realm mates. This is the one item we will not budge on for it is the simple foundation upon which the guild is built...

We do, however, ask certain things of our guildies. We do not enforce these and we hope that our guildies see the sense behind the requests...
        1. We ask that they group with each other to get to know each other. The better we know each others playing styles the better we can play together and the stronger our guild gets.
        2. We ask that they share their game knowledge with each other. The more we all know the more effectively we can play our toons and the stronger our guild gets...
        3. We ask that everyone is willing to help each other out...even when it does not benefit them. You will want the help yourself someday as well...
         4. And lastly, but not least importantly by any means, please play the game for fun...if it becomes more than that please take a break...

    As guild masters we will attempt to help any of our guild mates out if they have something that they particularly desire to do. Ultimately, this is just about having, go out there and have fun your own way.



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