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Welcome to Battle Smurfs on the web.

Our motto:  It never hurts to help!

Battle Smurfs is a guild for people & aliens who like a close-knit community centered around assisting members with their professions and individual enjoyment of the game.  Silliness is our bread but that doesn't mean that hard grinding can't be the butter.

We are based in idyllic Smurfvillage on the shores of the cleansing waters of Lake Smurf on Dantooine, approximately 2km NW of the Imperial Outpost.  Our shuttle driver is typically sober, so fret not taking the quick ride.

For information on joining <SMURF> please email Klaangck or Ug-lee, in-game.

For more information about the SMURFs read Battle Smurf Info

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We are playing SWTOR

Klaangck, Feb 4, 12 7:07 AM.
Just in case any old Smurfs want to know,we are playing The Old Republic MMO. We are on the Shien server. So far it is Shaddo, Homer, Epoga, Mel, Shaina and I playing. Hoping to see some more familiar faces. Just give a yell to Klaangck if ya get on.

A Long Time Ago In A Galaxy Far Far Away..........

Klaangck, Oct 27, 11 11:49 AM.
Episode 2: The Smurfs Smurf Back
It is a time of complacency. Smurfvillage has been razed by the Janta/Pequodian Alliance on Dantooine. Mayor Ruskki has been detained by the enemy and may have perished. The village prophet, Klaangck, has been stripped of his deital status. Meanwhile, Shaddo the Groovy has scoured the universe for any artifact that can restore the power of the once mighty and mostly zany, Smurfs. Upon his travels he has gotten word of TOR. Will this be the unifying power that reunites the three Apple high inhabitants? After convening with the revered Smurfwalker family it has been deemed an option. Together the blue beings will attempt to rebuild what was taken so many years ago. Will they ever hear Ruskki's sweet drunken voice again? Will the Dutchies arrive and bring balance? Do argyle socks match plaid pants? All will be answered in the months to come.......

Looking to hear from Smurfs.

Klaangck, Jul 13, 11 9:49 PM.
Anyone out there? Drop me a line. I lost all my email contacts. Look forward to catching up with some old friends.


Klaangck, Jul 20, 08 12:57 AM.
That's right folks, Bioware has announced they are working on a Star Wars MMO based on their hit KOTOR.  So, I certainly expect a lot of SMURF activity as we get more and more news as to coordinate how we are going to take this game by storm.  We need to get in contact with everyone!!!! and make sure that SMURF is accurately represented.  Perhaps, it is time for a new motif?  Let's talk about it.

Smurferino's return for shits and giggles

537080672_Inactive, Jan 17, 08 8:27 PM.
It would appear that the 14-day trial has suckered Melpomyne, Epoga and myself, Homercles, back to the game. With the end of the trial only days away there has been concensus that the game is "fun" and "huh, enjoyable".

Maybe we'll see some old face? Maybe we won't. Fare thee well, Smurfs.

-Homercles Smurfwalker
-Space'Pope Smurfwalker
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