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Protecting the innocents from the storm of villainy
It is said that any port in a storm is safe harbor.  We not only provide safety for the citizens of Paragon City, but a refuge for us, the heroes as well.  All heroes are welcome on our boards, with just a few rules as described in the General Discussion forum.  We are a group of mature, casual gamers, usually on weekday evenings and weekends.  We're located on the Champion server, with another group (Safe Harbor - Freedom Alliance) on the Freedom server.  We are here for fun and friends, and are always looking for fun, mature players to join us.  To apply for your docking slip, first read our Code of Conduct in the left column, then click on the lil' “Join Safe Harbor” link up top.  If you don't see the lil' “Join Safe Harbor“ link up top, but rather are greeted with what looks like a login prompt, you either need to log into your existing GuildPortal account, or if you do not have one, create a GuildPortal account (it's free...can't beat the price).  In the meantime, feel free to visit us in the forums.


RIP City of Heroes

Tog., Aug 31, 12 5:14 PM.
On August 31, 2012, it was announced that NCSoft was doing away with Paragon Studios. All active development would stop. All recurring payments would be cancelled. The game will cease to be by the end of the year.

City of Heroes® Super Booster V: Mutant now available

Pazahar, Jun 25, 10 6:41 AM.

City of Heroes® Super Booster V: Mutant - Unlock Your Ultimate Potential!

Harness the powers of mutation in City of Heroes® Super Booster V: Mutant now available at the NCsoft® store. This new super booster evolves character customization to a higher order with its fantastic Organic Armor and Bioluminescent costume sets.

For the first time ever, costume pieces can also have their own unique glows! Super Booster V: Mutant also comes with three bizarre costume change emotes and the new Secondary Mutation power, which unlocks the incredible potential within your character's DNA!

Free Server Transfers Through January 31, 2010

Tog., Dec 16, 09 11:45 AM.
According to the in game popup window, and this site, everyone will get free server transfers from now until January, 31, 2010, with a limit of 6 per week per account.

Remember, you can also sneak a free name change out of these for the cost of two transfers.
1. Make sure the new name you want is available.
2. Move Hapy Bob from where he is to somewhere else.
2. Make a new "Hapy Bob" on the old server.
3. Move the old "Hapy Bob" back to the original server, where there now be a name conflict.  Change the name to "Happy Bob", then delete the new "Hapy Bob".

Also remember that while you do travel with your stuff, you will be out of the SG on the old server.  If you move back, you will need a new invitation.

Winter Event now Live

Pazahar, Dec 16, 09 7:17 AM.

The Winter Event Has Arrived!

The 2009 Winter Event has reached Paragon City™ and the Rogue Isles™ and there is much rejoicing to be had again this year! But don't fall into the trap and keep your senses alert as a new menace is also looming in the horizon threatening to bring the holidays to an abrupt end! Will you be able to defeat Lord Winter before he succeeds?

This year's Winter Event goodies include a new "throw snowflakes" emote and a character respec (both bought by candy cane salvage), and two new holiday badges--Festive and Lord of Winter/Lady of Winter! All the temporary powers, badges, and fuzzy earmuffs from last year are also back, bringing nostalgic cheer. Along with streets and rooftops loaded with Father Time's gifts, you'll still encounter snow beasts and Winter Lords, Father Time's mission, ski challenges, candy canes, and more in this fun-filled feast of holiday festiveness!

  • Starts:Tuesday, December 15, 2009 at 8:59 a.m. PST (11:59 a.m. EST)
  • Ends: Tuesday, January 5, 2010 at 11:59 p.m. PST (2:59 a.m. EST)

Before you launch yourselves into the action, here are a few facts you should bear in mind to enjoy the 2009 Winter Event to its fullest:

  • If you are in Lord Winter's Realm and the event timer runs out, you will be returned to Atlas Park (Heroes) or Mercy Island (Villains) rather than the zone you originally entered from (unless you entered from a PvP zone).
  • The Winter Lord may not spawn in Mercy Island and Port Oakes.
  • The Winter Event does not run in the Co-operative or Hazard zones.
  • The Winter Lord will spawn in Bloody Bay, Siren's Call and Warburg but not in Recluse's Victory. Be careful though, since they are PvP zones, you may accidentally attack another player through the 'Tab' keyboard button or through your pets.
  • If your team gets split to two different maps of Lord Winter's Realm due to the zone cap, you can rejoin each other through Lord Winter's Realm Portal. Please note that the primary purpose of Lord Winter's Realm Portal is to allow split teams to rejoin one another.

Happy holidays to you all!

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