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Welcome to Blood Reign


Blood Reign is a new upcoming raiding guild formed by exclusive members of Valerous.

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Recommended addons to maximize guild experience!

539008733_Inactive, Jul 3, 07 3:04 PM.

1: Damage Meter = If i have to explain this addon...move along.

2: Duckie bank = This addon lets members of the guild see whats in the guild bank, or whats available in the guild bank

3: X-perl = this addon lets you change and modify you UI (user interface) to your liking, and makes your raid windows and regular party windows much easier to adjust to your comfort/liking.

Mandatory Addons for raiding!

539008733_Inactive, Jul 3, 07 10:15 AM.
1: Deadly Boss Mods = a very helpful mod used to warn the raid of boss abilities

2: KLH (KTM) threat meter = Meter that shows who the boss wants to kill :)

3: VENTRILO = with a microphone....

Getting attuned to Karazhan!

539008733_Inactive, Jul 3, 07 10:09 AM.
Your Karazhan attunement quest is obtained at lvl 68 at Karazhan's entrance.

If any guild member needs assistance with this quest chain feel free to ask guild for help (post events on GEM).
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