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Introducing SoulForged!

539126188_Inactive, Nov 6, 07 1:57 AM.

Well its done...

I have decided to clean the slate and start over to get out from under the <Dawning Affinity> name based on the issues that were at hand.

Hearing the name be trashed on a daily basis was making it so I didn't feel I wanted to come in. We all put alot of hard work into the foundation of DA as you  know and saw it ripped from us by members that chose to leave and make a scene to do so. It was a sad day.

Many members have helped in the creation of <SoulForged>. We are forming together to see this through and start fresh to make things memorable in a positive manner and bring back the fun in a game we all use as an outlet.

<SoulForged> will be a medium RP guild based on chat and events. Again not trying to change the world as we know it only fine tune it. Guild Chat will be IC and /join soulforged will be OOC. We will include all levels based on maturity and drive. Endgame will be incorporated in the guild on a casual raiding level for enjoyment not punishment. The focus of SF will be to enjoy those we call guildmembers and thrive as a unit based on friendship. Members are encouraged to recruit with the approval of the Soul Collectors. Final decision on promotion in the guild is based on the Guild Master after confering with the SoulForgers.An Initiate period of 2 weeks is required before someone can be considered BattleForged or WarForged. After the 2 weeks the Council will then decide if the person is mature enough to be considered <SoulForged> material. This will in hopes let us filter our system and keep the issues at bay.

I really feel strongly that this is a new beginning and a fresh well needed start. I open this to conversation and welcome those who wish to move on to join ranks with us in <SoulForged>.


Dawning Affinity Mod Package Released!

539017974_Inactive, Aug 15, 07 1:49 AM.
Enclosed you will find the newly released addon package put together by Dawning Affinity to better your World of Warcraft experience. We will post more information about installation and use soon. To use the package simply download, unzip into C:/Program Files/World Of Warcraft/Interface/Addons/, and at your character selection screen enable all mods by clicking the button labeled "Addons" at the lower left on your screen.

Download the .zip File Here
Welcome to <Dawning Affinity>'s website.

Dawning Affinity was originally founded July 8th, 2007 by Lauralie and Chrysa in an attempt to create an exceptional community in which to level, roleplay, and eventually raid end-game instances in a casual manner. To inquire about joining DA please contact Chrysa or Lauralie in game.

<Dawning Affinity> has established its goals as follows:

1.) Create and perpetuate a communtiy that caters to members' social preferences and provides a means in which to significantly improve members' playtime while engaged in the World of Warcraft activities.

2.) Enable members to more easily achieve higher levels and provide tools and instruction for higher level content as to ease new players in to it. This endeavor also includes attempting to provide at least the basis for instance groups with which to avoid using unreliable Pick-Up-Group members.

3.) Exclude potential members who can detract from the community by removing inactive members, goldfarmers/sellers, the immature, and the particularly self-centered.

4.) Provide leadership opportunities to those that prove themselves worthy and capable of aiding the guild leaders in achieving said goals.

- Lauralie / Chrysa
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