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Legia Patrai Nostra
(the Legion is my Country)

The Ahgram Foreign Legion is a hearty group of adventurers, crafters, and diplomats dedicated to fighting the forces of evil in Telon to ensure the safety and security of its citizens.  We hail from all corners of Telon (and both sides of the Atlantic in real life), but come together bound by our common goal and by our love for each other - demonstrated by our willingness to go into battle together and to die for one another.

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We accept all who wish to live by our tenets.  Rogues, necromancers, vampires and mercenaries are as welcome in our ranks of paladins.  Our bond is to the goal, not to some definition of good or evil.  If you can further our progress towards the goal, you will be welcomed with open arms.

We are a roleplaying guild (with a seperate /ooc channel for those conversations).  We enjoy working together, whether in a group to attack a dungeon, or in guild chat to help with a difficult task.  We have induction and promotion ceremonies.  We like having fun and our guild chat is usually quite active as are the members only forums here.

Think you have what it takes?  Apply to become a Legionnaire today!

Vive Le Legion!


Please, upon joining, go to "Characters / Settings" and create at least one character, with the name of your main in Vanguard. Thank you

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Legion's News
Game Update 3.2 today!
By Sajeera, Dec 12, 07 1:39 AM

Server Downtime: Wednesday, December 12th - 5:00 AM PDT, GU 3.2

All servers will be brought down tomorrow
morning at approximately 5:00 AM to begin patching Game Update 3.2 /
H... Read More

Dynamic weather coming soon!
By Sajeera, Dec 10, 07 6:26 AM

Get a glimpse of an upcoming storm near Cliffs of Gelgalad on the test server.

Tiraslee on dynamic weather:

The storms are indeed real. You can see them off
in a d... Read More

Upcoming Balance Tweaks (GU3)
By Sajeera, Dec 7, 07 4:20 AM

Silius made a post on the official forums about Upcoming Balance Tweaks (GU3)

Morning all,

This is a post to inform you all that in an effort to insure our raiding ... Read More

Update 3 / Holiday Update targeted to go live next week
By Sajeera, Dec 4, 07 12:55 AM

Update 3 / Holiday Update and a few more items to discuss

Update 3 is nearly in the books - we're
diligently working through bug queues and helping out our Testing team ... Read More

Good News for crafters!
By Sajeera, Nov 29, 07 6:00 AM

Silius posted today on the official forums that he managed to finish the recipe changeover in time to make it for the deadline for the next game update.

View his original post here.

<... Read More


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