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Azeroths Heroes
Mag bites the dust
Jul 24, 08 10:57 PM
Jul 20, 08 10:02 PM
Back in 25-mans: Gruul tastes our power
Jul 20, 08 9:59 PM
Gruul's Lair Cleared
Apr 25, 08 12:54 PM
Apr 3, 08 12:13 AM
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Welcome to Azeroths Heroes GP!

Hello! and welcome to the home of Azeroths Heroes.

We'd like to have a fun, close knit guild where we can help each other in whatever ways possible.
Don't be afraid to ask for help.
All newer players to the game can ask for advice and it will be given to the best of our knowledge.

Any questions? Please contact an officer.

Basic rules of the guild are:
1. Group Looting: Greed on greens. Pass on blues, purples, etc. Once everyone has passed, we will then decide whether someone needs it or DE it.
2. Ninjas will not be tolerated. Anyone caught ninja'ing will be automatically removed from the guild. In addition, anyone caught taking from the guild bank and selling it on the AH or taking it for twinking purposes will either be be removed from the guild or lose their guild bank privileges. No exceptions.
3. Main characters are
NOT twinks. Guild members shouldn't expect or request help in gearing up Twinks.
4. For Officers: Players under the level of 20 are not to be added to the guild, unless they are an alt of an existing member or if it is a brand new player.
5. For Instances (60+): Omen and Vent are required. If you do not have these installed, please do so. If you need assistance in installing Vent, please read the Vent faq, located on the left of the page.
6. Deadly Boss Mods is highly recommended for raiding. It gives you alerts and timer bars for different abilities that bosses use.
7. GroupCalendar is a required mod for guildies to have. This is how we set up runs and this is where you sign up for Instance runs. Remember: You must sign up for a run to be able to participate. If there aren't enough guildies signed up, the run may be canceled.

And as always, donations to the Guild Bank are always welcome!
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