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Ok this is going to be one freekishly long post, I will cover every classes new AA tree.
SUB CLASS - Links at the bottom

Each line must have 10 points put into it before you can addvance to the next line. Each line, other than the general line, has 1 endline ability that is also unlocked once 10 points are put into its respective line. The sub class line has 2 end line abilitys. All endline abilitys will be underlined

Pet of the Gods
Improves the casting speed and attribute bonuses of your diety pet by 10% 5 ranks
Bountiful Feast
Improves the durattion of food and drink by 2.5% 5 ranks
Ample Harvest
Caster will double harvest 3% of the time 5 ranks
Hearty Constitution
Increases max health by 0.5% 5 ranks
Swift Journey
Increases mount speed by 2% 5 ranks
Enhanced Mind
Increases max power by 0.5% 5 ranks
Swift Strides
Increases speed of caster 1% 5 ranks
Swift Creation
Increases crafting progres by 0.5%
Litany of Combat
Grants additional spells which increase spell, melee dmg or buffs pet, no other description listed 5 ranks
Ally Revivication
Improves reuse speed of combat res by 12 seconds 5 ranks
Prayer of Healing
Improves single target direct heal ammount by 2% and crit amount 3% 5 ranks
Protective Prayer
Improves mit bonus of class mit buff by 3% 5 ranks
Secular Protection
Improves resist bonus of class resist buff by 5% 5 ranks
Seal of Faith
Increases shield effectiveness of caster by 2% 5 ranks
Supplication of the Fallen
24 man 100 meter range 100% power and HP revive applys rev sickness

Consummate Defender
Increases bonuses of the fighters defensive stance by 4% 5 ranks
Swinging Strike
Increases base damage by 3% and crit dmg by 2% , the smallest melee ability you have, thats what it is refering to. 5 ranks
Enhance: Rescue
Improves reuse of rescue by 15%
Offencive Prowess
Increases bonuses of the fighters offensive stance by 4% 5 ranks
Ripost Mastery
Increases chance to riposte affter a successfull parry by 2 5 ranks
Battle Hardening
Reduces all phisical dmg done to target by 50 5 ranks
Sneering Assault
Increases threat by 3 positions 400-600 dmg 1800-3000 threat 3min recast

Root Mastery
Reduces resistance of mages root by 2% and increases duration 2 seconds 5 ranks
Runic Protection
Adds additional mit to Magi Shielding
Strike of the Mage
Improves base and critical dmg by 2% , mage single target small DD spell 5 ranks
Enhance Master Strike
Reduce reuse time of master strike by 6 seconds 5 ranks
Arcane Barrier
Increases magic resist and power of the mages group buff by 4% 5 ranks
hadow Step
Increase invis movement speed 1% 5 ranks
Deagro 4 positions recast 3 min

Focus Cheap Shot
Reduce reuse of cheapshot by 5% 5 ranks
Strengthened Links
Additional mit to def stance and songs 5 ranks
Enhance: Quick Strike
Improves the scout quick strike abilitys base and crit dmg by 1.5% 5 ranks
Enhance: Sinister Strike
Reduces reuse time of sinister strike by 5 seconds 5 ranks
Offensive Prowess
Increases offensive stance and songs bonuses by 5% 5 ranks
Shadow Walker
Increases invis runspeed 2.5% 5 ranks
Evasive m Maneuvers
Deagro 3 positions recast 3 min

Predatory Stamina
Increases max hp by 1% 5 ranks
Insidious Strike
Improves crit and dmg multipliers of the preditors primary flanking ability by 2% 5 ranks
Cut Arteries
All dots will tick prgressivly faster 5 ranks
Ignorance is Bliss
Improves hate reduction of ignorant bliss by 5% 5 ranks
Strangth of the Hunter
Adds STR to the scouts AGI buff 5 ranks
Critical Mastery
Improves crit dmg by 1% 5 ranks
Noxious Enfeeblement
Reduces targets crit % and crit dmg by 10% 30 second dur 30 sec recast

Defensive Ballad
Improve bonuses of defensive songs 5% 5 ranks
Shrieking Cry
Improves dmg by 3% and crit chance by 2% of the shriek line 5 ranks
Flanking Chorus
Improves dmg by 2% and crit chance by 3% of the shriek line 5 ranks
Selo's Rousing Concerto
Yes its your runspeed buff max 50% 5 ranks
Chorus of Reflection
Improves dmg of group reactive proc by 5% 5 ranks
Intoxicating Notes
Additional melee based proc 3.0 times per min 350-450 at rank 5 5 ranks
Dexterous Sonata
Improves crit bonus of group members melee and range and spell by 10%, does not show in UI so I have no clue what it is exactly doing

Taunting Blows
Improves def stance 5 % and adds reactive taunt when dmg is taken 5 ranks
Rougue's Flurry
Improves base and crit dmg of rouges flurry line by 2.5% 5 ranks
Circle of Blades
Improves dmg and crit dmg by 2.5% of the Circle line 5 ranks
Hidden Adversary
Improves hate reduction by 5% of rouges deagro buff 5 ranks
Battle Endurance
Adds STA to rouges self buff 5 ranks
Poison Mastery
Improves poisons dmg by 3% 5 ranks
Glancing Blows
Reduces all phisical dmg done to the rouge by 10%

Minion's Constitution
Improves HP of summoners pet 5 ranks
Minion's Critical Strike
Improves crit rate of pet 5 ranks
Pet Weapon Mastery
Improves pet weapons, no clue what it means no weapons when posses pet is used
Summoner's Soothing
Decreases hate gain of summoner by 2% 5 ranks
Dimensional Storage
Allows summoner to "store" a pet for later use. Current pet diissapears, can cast any pet after, when ability is toggled off previous pet reappears.
Focus Disiple
Improves casting 9% recast 36 seconds of raidwide hearts/shards 5 ranks
Hastened Animation
Increase pet reuse speed 30% Increase pet casting speed 50% 20 seconds 5min recast

Defencive Enchantment
Increases max HP of enchanter 0.5% 5 ranks
Mental Torment
Improves base dmg 2% crit dmg 1% to torment line, the unresistable dot 5 ranks
Silent Thoughts
Improves crit dmg 1% base dmg 2%, the enchanter silence ability 5 ranks
Distract Mind
Decreases resistability of phase and amnesia by 3 5 ranks
Dreamweaver's Focus
Increases subjugation and disruption 5 5 ranks
Spellblade's Enchantment
Improves haste/DPS buffs 5% 5 ranks
Peace of Mind
On successful attack spell will cast Peace of Mind on target, inflickts 300-450 mental dmg on target. duration 20 seconds recast 2 min

Sorcerer's Shielding
Reduces dmg done to the sorcerer 5 ranks
Enhance: Ice Flame
Improves base dmg 2% crit dmg 1% 5 ranks
Sorcery Mastery
Increase base and crit dmg 2% of apoc and ice comet 5 ranks
Essence of Hatred
Improves hate transfer 0.5% 5 ranks
Critical Mastery
Improves crit dmg of all spells by 1% 5 ranks
Intromission Mastery
Improves mana regen of sorcs self mana tap 3% 5 ranks
Deception of the Sorcerer
Decrease agro 30% 20 sec dur 1:30 recast

Tranquil Forwarning
Increases taunt ammount of taunt spells 3% 5 ranks
Tactical Precision
Improves the raids accuracys and resist rates 5 ranks
Blazing Cobra
Increases dmg 3% reduce recast time 0.1 seconds your open AE. 5 ranks
Thunderous Strike
Improves dmg 3% 5 ranks
Deflecting Blow
Increases counter strike of caster by 3 on a successfull deflect 5 ranks
Adds 1.2 % deflection to the brawlers combined and def stance
Inner Focus
Will absorb 2 attacks that are over 50% of the brawlers HP dur 15 seconds recast 4 min

Increases taunt ammount of taunt spells 5% 5 ranks
Cavalier's Call
Increases spell bonuses by 5% 5 ranks
Knight's Stance
When shield is equipped melee weapon will do additional dmg by 5 5 ranks
Valor in Battle
Improves dmg done by proc buff by 5% 5 ranks
Opportunistic Slam
Chance to shield bash on a seuccessfull block 5 ranks
Increases shield effectiveness by 3% 5 ranks
Ayra of the Crusader
Dispels 108 lvls of everything. Makes caster immune to everything including target forceing. 20 sec duration 1 min recast

Saving Grace
Adds 1 extra hate position to rescue 5 ranks
Rallying Cry
Adds additional CA and spell dmg to group buff 5 ranks
Shield Slam
Increases dmg 4% hit modifier by 2 5 ranks
Aggressive Nature
Adds effect to taunt on a successfull block 5 ranks
Countering Strike
increases riposte dmg 2.0% 5 ranks
Veteran's Shielding
increases mit bonus of def stance 1% 5 ranks
Cry of the Warrior
Threat 2 positions force target 8 seconds 5 min recast

Elemental Mastery
Improves dmg of druids heat/cold spells by 2% 5 ranks
Hierophant's Protection
Adds hp to the druids single target pwr buff 5 ranks
Natures Storm
Imporves dmg 4% crit dmg 2% cold snap/strike of thunder lines 5 ranks
Untamed winds
Improves instant heal 3% crit ammount 4% small group heal ability 5 ranks
Harmony of the Grove
Increase heal by 3% brit heal 2% single target hot 5 ranks
Blade Expertise
4% dbl attack 5 ranks
Wrath of Nature
750-1150 magic dmg 235-350 magic dmg ever 4 sec 24 sec dur 30 sec recast

Devout Incapacitation
Improves mit reduction of debuff y 2% 5 ranks
Devoted Allegiance
Increases hp 3% and other bonuses 5% of the cleric hp buff 5 ranks
Blessed Yaulp
Imporves bonuses of yaulp by 3 5 ranks
Allied Prayers
Add additional group heal to the clerics fast casting group heal 5 ranks
Devoted Healing
Increase healing and crit heal 3% reduce casting by 0.1 seconds single target reactive heal 5 ranks
Overwhelming Arms
5% flurry 5 ranks
Transfers clerics health down to 5% to target.

Ancestral Curse
Improves debuff ammounts by 5% curse/haze lines 5 ranks
Tribal Frenzy
Improved hp and pwr to the shamans single target buff 5 ranks
Soiritual Storm
Improves base dmg 4% crit dmg 2% fulginous sphear/cold flame line 5 ranks
Kindred Restoration
Adds heal to shamans group ward 5 ranks
Prophetic Spirit
Increase base and crit ward on single target ward 2%l 5 ranks
Ethereal Weaponry
3 weapon bonus 4% dbl attack 5 ranks
Ancient Pedigree
Adds additional hp to shammans pet and grants a special attack. no description listed

Aeralik wrote:
As many of you have noticed with the last expansion, characters gained a lot of criticals, double attack, and various other percentage based properties. This means if one item has more critical than another item it automatically is deemed the best for that slot. So going forward we are implementing a rating system which puts an emphasis on the level of the item versus your level. In the short term, this change will probably not have much impact unless you are equipped with lower level items. Once the character outlevels the item, the amount gained by the character will do down by 2/3 every 10 levels.

The examine windows going forward will display the new rating system instead of the old percentage amounts. The higher the number the better it is for your character obviously. We will continue to display the actual total percentage your character has in the persona and through dynamic data. So you should know the correct value all the time. The actual rating values use Amount * item level / 4 if you want to do the math in your head( formula is subject to change ).
Yeah have fun with that
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