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Kalecgos Freed!

Vaccinelol, Aug 1, 08 1:23 AM.

Kalecgos Freed

So, I'm back for an update. This kill took us a little longer than expected, but it's rather difficult to pop out of BT ungeared and magically kill SWP Bosses. Id like to thank all of you for putting up with the 1% and 2% wipes for the past two or three weeks and showing up to finally free this son of a bitch. And also, to Karnyge - FUCK YOU.

<3 Vaccine

Illidan Down!

Vaccinelol, Jun 2, 08 9:46 PM.
So typically whenever a new boss dies, I write about one or two sentences, type the bosses name in bold with a larger sized text, and move on. This will not be the case. This has been one of the most rewarding boss encounters this guild has faced in its history. I think the cheers alone at the sight of Illidan kneeling at 0% say enough for those of you who were there, but for those who weren't, I can only explain the moment as the epitome of excitement. I'm proud to lead you all, and I'm proud to wear this tag, now more than ever. Lets kick some ass people. Kil'jaeden is in our sights! Btw, this is going to be one epic movie, trust me. :)

  • Illidan, <The Betrayer> Down!

<3 Vaccine

ZA Timed Run!

Vaccinelol, May 14, 08 8:24 PM.
So, maybe we've sucked at this whole bear mount thing for awhile now. Perhaps you all were thinking.... maybe they just can't do it. WELL YOU'RE WRONG.

<3 Vaccine

PS: No one likes you Charlie.

No alternate text supplied.

Council Down!

Vaccinelol, May 11, 08 10:45 PM.
Illidari Council Down!

I'm not really sure what to say about this fight besides the fact that it's 12 minutes of boring, repetitive bullshit. Worst fight in BT, just sayn.

Mother Shahraz Down!

Vaccinelol, Apr 27, 08 10:24 PM.
Mother Shahraz Down! :D

Well that was a nice 3 shot. :)

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Sunwell Plateau 1/6
Kalecgos Freed
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