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Overflow Inventory and Mail

Pembrokeny, Dec 12, 08 7:24 AM.
If your using zMail Mod... and can't get the in game mail to work disable your zMail Mod.
With the 1.1a patch, zMail is no longer working.

Overflow Inventory is here...
With 1.1a, we have also introduced the Overflow Inventory. This feature keeps your items safe if we change around item requirements or stack settings and your normal inventory is full.

Clicky for full article

Patch 1.1a going live NOW

Treboran, Dec 11, 08 6:20 AM.
The servers are down RIGHT NOW as Mythic applies Patch 1.1a...they should be back up by 1PM EST.


Lots of good stuff, including the world RVR Influence system.

Patch 1.1 Coming Very Soon!

Treboran, Dec 3, 08 12:53 PM.
Actually, it should be here on Tuesday the 9th...ish.

Here's Mark's Post:


Patch 1.1 is going up on the PTS later today and after some more internal testing, we hope to open it up to the public tomorrow morning. So, as usual, here are the highlights. Please keep two things in mind before commenting on the highlights:

1) This patch was in development before 1.0.6 went LIVE so don't expect to see a lot of changes to 1.0.6 in there yet. We'll continue to hotfix whenever possible and possibly patch 1.1 with changes that have arisen because of the 1.0.6 patch. Again, let me say again that 1.1 has been on our internal servers for a quite a while because of the delay in getting 1.0.6 out the door and as such, doesn't have all the latest additions/changes we are working on.

2) As of now the complete patch notes are at 14 pages so the highlights do not even come close to representing all the fixes/changes in the game. This patch touches on more aspects of the game even than 1.0.6.

So, without further ado, here are the highlights from 1.1.

Open RvR Influence System – As part of our ongoing effort to encourage people to take part in oRvR, we are pleased to announce the release of an influence system geared solely to oRvR. Players who participate in this part of WAR will now have additional incentives for fighting for their realm. As part of this patch we have also made quite a number of changes and fixes to oRvR settings and NPCs as well. And as always, we have a lot more going in for oRvR over the next couple of months as well.

New Careers For Everyone - With this version the Empire’s Knight of the Blazing Sun, and the Dark Elf’s Blackguard are available for all players!

Easy Public Quests – PQs are great but sometimes it’s hard to get enough people together to complete them, especially in the lower tiers. So, we are redesigning one PQ per chapter so that it can be completed by 1-3 people.

Chat Hyperlinking – One of the most requested features by the community has been adding the ability to hyperlink items, abilities and quests in the chat window and now it has been added.

Armor Set Rebalance – After scrubbing through our armor sets we’ve made a lot of changes to ensure to various armor sets in the game to make them more useful and prized by the players.

Main Assist – RvR is exciting, chaotic and always challenging but this feature will make it just a little bit easier to help your group fight the good fight.

Player Statue System – Nothing says “you’ve made it” more than having a statue with your name on it in the capitol city of your realm.

New Content – Whether it is new lairs, new quests, new drops in dungeons, new PQ rewards and changes to items (such as cloaks), this patch is full of lots of fun new content additions to the game.

User Interface – Lots and lots of fixes, changes and new additions to our user interface and API functionality, new additions to the chat system and graphic options incorporating community requested features a channel flashing on activity, the ability to turn the chat bubbles on/off, a gamma slider and so much more.

Lots and lots of Bug Fixes - 'Nuff said.

The full notes will of course cover all of these highlights in greater detail. happy



1.06 Going Live December 2nd!

Treboran, Dec 1, 08 3:08 PM.
From Mark Jacobs, over on the VN boards. I read them so you don't have to!



Here's a quick update on where things stand as of this evening:

1) Patch 1.0.6 is looking good for going LIVE tomorrow.

2) The fix I talked about last week that will improve overall client performance in RvR, especially in high traffic situations, *may* go LIVE tomorrow. It involved a major change to the client and we need to be 100% sure that that we don't make some things better but at the same time, make some things worse with this change.

3) We hope to have a fix to the major issue that is causing fortress crashing going either to the PTS this week and/or possibly rolled out to one or two commercial servers this week as well for testing this week as well. As above, this also involved a significant change (but this time to the server) so we need to be a little bit more careful than usual before it's rolled out to all the LIVE servers.

4) I hope to be able to post tomorrow going into a little bit more detail about the influence system that we hope will go LIVE with 1.1. FYI, 1.1 is still looking good for going LIVE this month. It can still be pushed back of course but it's still on track as of today.

And no, I don't ignore threads once they get to a certain point but I do tend to stop commenting in them unless I have something useful to say. There is no point in simply saying "it's coming soon" again and again.


We Claimed a Keep

Treboran, Nov 17, 08 8:43 AM.
Well, for about two hours, anyway.

Our Keep Lord

EA Announces 800K Players

Pembrokeny, Oct 31, 08 6:53 AM.
EA released their second quarter earnings report for 2009, and in it I found an interesting bit of information about WaR.

"-- Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning, an MMO from EA's Mythic Entertainment studio, sold 1.2 million copies in the quarter - with over 800 thousand current players."

"-- EA was awarded 5 of the 9 honors at the Leipzig Games Convention in Germany -Spore as best PC game; Mirror's Edge(TM) as best Xbox 360 game; Skate It as best Wii(TM) game; Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning as best online game; and Sonic Chronicles, a game developed by EA BioWare, won best Nintendo DS(TM) game."

Click Here for the full article

Heavy Metal Hits Us On The Head!

Treboran, Oct 29, 08 12:05 PM.
New live event starts November 17th - Tome of Knowledge will feature a new live event tab and give tasks that can be completed to allow early access to the new class!

Also coming - new T4 scenario, for the duration of the event...a merry jaunt fighting in a steam tank factory!

Witching Night!

Treboran, Oct 28, 08 10:40 AM.
WAR's first World Event is upon us - Witching Night!

Witching Night Announcement

Highlights include fun gear like masks and capes that all levels can wear. Really cool new stuff will be a PQ in each RVR Lake - an you'll earn the new special Influence to buy PVP stuff from the new vendors in the capitals!

So get ready to WAAGGHH until you're BOO in the face!

Mythic: Blizzard is in for a "lengthy battle"

Aphrodite1, Oct 18, 08 11:16 AM.
Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning has only just begun to compete with World of Warcraft, says Mark Jacobs, Mythic's CEO, who commented "It's a marathon, not a sprint."

Speaking to, Jacobs took issue with comments made by Paul Sams, Blizzard's COO, that over half of the subscribers who left World of Warcraft for Warhammer Online had returned, which Mythic's CEO interpreted to as an accusation Warhammer users were leaving the MMO.

"One thing about MMOs is that people play multiple games," asserted Jacobs. "That's one of the reasons I was very surprised by Paul's comments. He knows that people may play WoW and they'll play WAR and maybe even a third game at the same time."

He added: "Any comment along the lines of 'well if they're in my game they're not playing in another game,' flies in the face of all research that's been done among MMO players… The idea that you only play one is really kind of silly."

When asked if he was confident Warhammer Online could hold onto its subscribers when World of Warcraft's second expansion, Wrath of the Lich King, comes out, Jacobs assuredly claimed that Mythic are well prepared to fight back with its own content updates.

"We've known that Blizzard is preparing to launch in November. We just announced some of the things that will be going in our first major patch… that's one of the ways we're going to respond."

"This is the beginning of a rather lengthy battle with the guys at Blizzard," Jacobs explained. "We’re in this space to be successful and, when you have a competitor that is as successful and important to the games industry as WoW has been, you don't go into this space unless you're willing to spend money and spend time and really compete against them."

Jacobs further declared: "It's a marathon, not a sprint. We've got a lot of stuff going in, not only this fall but then there's spring and then after that."


First Month of WAR

Itanius, Oct 17, 08 5:01 PM.
First Month of WAR

It's hard to believe that it's already been a month since the gates of WAR were opened and the world experienced its first steps in the game we had created.

It's been an awesome ride and the future is proving to be even brighter. If you haven't yet you should read Mark Jacob's State of The Game as he addresses where we are and what's to come!

We want to thank all of you again for choosing WAR to be your new MMO home, and we look forward to sharing in your adventures and victories for years to come.

Tomorrow marks the end of many players free trial period. We want to take this time to encourage you to check your account page and ensure that everything is in order and that your billing information is setup properly so that you can continue playing without missing a beat!

We will continue to work on improving the game every day as we strive to make your game experience the best it can be. Your feedback is priceless in this quest and we want to thank you for the response you've provided us with so far.

Patch 1.1 is approaching and we've still got updates planned in between. We can't wait to share all the details with you, but if you haven't yet make sure you subscribe to the Monthly Newsletter, this will still be the best place to find all the latest and greatest news on what's going on in WAR. You can subscribe via the Contact Information page in the Mythic Account Center.

Thank you again and have fun...We'll see you on the battlefield!

- The Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning Community Team

State of the Game Address!

Treboran, Oct 17, 08 6:31 AM.
Mark Jacobs has released the first WAR:State of the Game Address and it's far more exciting than any boring old Presidential State O' the Onion.

State of the Game

Summary: Many fixes and additions coming, including some classes that got cut from Beta.

Client Update - 10/15/08

Itanius, Oct 15, 08 4:51 PM.
Client Update - 10/15/08

A new client is now available for patching that should resolve issues players are experiencing when using Flight Masters.

If you are experiencing these issues please log out, run the patcher, and log in again to download the new client.

Thank you!

Game Update 1.0.3

Itanius, Oct 15, 08 6:40 AM.
Patch 1.0.3 - Arrives 10/15/08!
Another eventful week is flying by here at the studio. As always the team has been working non-stop to bring you updates and make the game you love even better.

While these notes are subject to change they'll give you a taste of what you have to look forward to as 1.0.3 approaches!

  • We're pleased to announce the addition of a new regional chat system. This item has been one of our most requested features, and you can find the details below.
  •  We have made additional improvements to the functionality of the /ignore command. This command should now work more consistently.
  • A “new mail” icon has been added to the edge of the minimap to alert players when new mail messages have arrived.
  • We have made some additional improvements to the handling of NPC speech and action text in an effort to reduce the amount of chat players see from NPCs.
  • In order to provide a more challenging and rewarding experience, we have adjusted the overall speed at which players can gain control of zones and move the campaign.
  • Pet behavior has been improved and should act more naturally when changing between passive and defensive modes while the pet is fighting multiple enemies.
  • The war against the gold sellers continues! We have introduced a new "report gold seller" command that works as follows: when you type /rg, the game will automatically fill out a gold seller appeal using the name of the last player who sent you a tell. If you get an unwanted /tell from a pesky gold seller, type /rg to start an appeal and get them busted!
  • We have added a new option to the user settings that will allow players to enable or disable shader caching. This is a graphical performance option, and for a full explanation, players can hover their mouse over this option in the user settings window. This should help improve performance on many systems.

Regional Chat System:

  • Chapter-based chat channels have been replaced with a farther reaching chat system, referred to as Region Chat.  A region is defined as the contiguous zones that make up a tier-based racial pairing area.  For example, Blighted Isle and Chrace make up one region.  Region Chat consists of two channels, Region and Region-RvR.
    • Region encompasses the entire region area.
    • Region-RvR encompasses the RvR-focused areas, such as the Plain of Bone.
  • How to use the Regional Chat System:
    • To type in the Region channel, use /1 [message]
    • To type in the Region-RvR channel, use /2 [message]
      Note: You must be in the RvR-focused region to use the Region-RvR channel.  Players on Open RvR servers will have access to Channel 2 at all times.
    • To disable these channels right click on the proper chat tab, go to "Tab Options" then "Filters." Scroll down to Region and Region-RvR and uncheck the channels you no longer wish to view.
    • If you have disabled either channel and wish to re-enable them simply return to the "Filters" menu and re-select the appropriate channels.

  • In order to ensure that the Apothecary skill remains a valuable crafting profession potions will no longer drop as frequently.
  • Seeds for Cultivation will no longer drop as frequently throughout the world.
  • Monsters should no longer disappear and then reappear when attacked at range by players.
  • In some rare cases, the game would leave "ghost images" of NPCs who had moved away or de-spawned. As a result, players would see NPCs that were not actually there. We have taken steps to correct this issue, and players should see far fewer of these phantom NPCs.
  • We fixed an issue that would sometimes cause monsters to break off in mid-combat and attempt to walk away.
  • We have made some additional improvements to the pathing and behavior of monsters. These fixes should reduce pathing issues sometimes seen when pulling monsters at range.
  • Nurglings will no longer continue to make aggressive sounds after they have been killed.
  •  Fixed a crash-issue that sometimes occurred when entering city dungeons.
  •  Fixed a crash that sometimes occurred when searching the Auction House.

  • We have made some adjustments to the Hydra boss in the Sacellum dungeon to bring this encounter more in line with the original design and difficulty.

  • Reduced the interaction time required to deploy a guild standard
  • Reduced the interaction time required for players to pick up standards that they own. Please Note: This does not include the capturing of enemy standards.
  • Capturing an enemy standard will now reward the capturing player and his nearby allies with renown.
  • Players can no longer be queued for a scenario while they already have an invite pending to a different scenario.
  • Attempting to join a scenario that has already ended will no longer send players to the character select screen.
  • Renown gained from healing players was granting more renown than intended over long periods of time. Players who heal other players will still earn renown for aiding their friends in combat, but large heals or repeated heal-over-time spells will result in lesser renown gains than before. 
  • While going over the data collected for renown gained by healing, we discovered a few incorrect values that led to players earning far more renown than designed.  To ensure equal renown gains for players regardless of their chosen career and whether they group or not inside scenarios, we have made several adjustments to the way renown is granted from healing other players:
    • Earning renown from healing players was erroneously granting renown while outside of RvR.  This has been adjusted so getting renown for healing players outside of RvR or from a player that is not RvR flagged will occur less frequently. 
    • Healing players will grant renown correctly if the healed player has earned renown from killing other players recently.

Experience Enhancements

Itanius, Oct 14, 08 5:07 PM.
Experience Enhancements - Phase II

Hi all,

A few days ago we introduced Phase 1 of our Experience Enhancements, boosting quest experience in Tiers 3 and 4, adding repeatable quests to key chapters and increasing the experience awarded for killing an enemy player in an RvR lake by 50 percent!

Today, we launch Phase 2 of this ongoing effort. Players who capture an RvR keep previously received only renown. As of today, players of the appropriate rank (actual, not bolstered) will also earn an experience bonus for successfully defeating a keep lord.

As with Public Quests and defeating monsters, the experience awarded for the successful capture of a keep will vary depending on a player’s rank relative to the difficulty of the keep. In Tier 2, players will begin to earn this bonus when they reach rank 15. In Tier 3, the minimum rank required is 25, and in Tier 4 it is 35. Players will notice a diminishing return from keep captures if their level approaches the top of that tier.

Keep sieges are a centerpiece of our RvR gameplay, and we’re happy to make the successful capture of an enemy keep even more rewarding. We’ll continue to look for ways to improve the rate of experience gain in WAR, including rewards for defending Keeps and capturing Battlefield Objectives. Stay tuned!

Hotfixes for Oct 13th

Itanius, Oct 13, 08 2:12 PM.
Hot Fixes - 10/13/08
The development team has been working hard as usual to make sure that your gameplay experience is what it should be. Here are our most recent Hot Fixes for your reading enjoyment!

Capital Cities
  • With the recent patch, the level ranges for the contested capital city scenarios were erroneously set to only accept rank 37-40 players. This range has been restored to its original setting of ranks 30-40.
Combat and Careers

  • We fixed a bug that could sometimes cause the Engineer's turret to endlessly loop the sound and animation for its “Machine Gun” ability.


  • Having the "Widespread Demolition" tactic slotted will no longer cause the "Demolition" ability to fire twice when used.
  • The monster Viraxil the Broken in the Sacellum dungeon of the Inevitable City will now only drop loot items for valid classes.

  • Some monsters in the Capital City high-level dungeons (Warpblade Tunnels, Bilerot Burrow, Sigmar's Crypts and Bloodwrought Enclave) were erroneously dropping Sentinel armor set pieces. We have fixed this issue.

  • The Lair of Lady Alisha should now reset properly.

Hot Fix Pt. 2 - 10/13/08
The Dev team continues to work tirelessly to make sure the Warhammer Online game experience is everything it can be.  Here's another fix for our players:

Players are now required to have sufficient empty backpack slots to hold items that they are crafting. 
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