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Welcome to the Everquest guild, Tempest Dei (Raging Storms of God).  We are a guild located on The Tribunal server.  We strive to  provide our members with a fun and challenging Everquest experience by working together to reach end-game raid content.

Effective today, 10/29/2007, Tempest Dei is actively recruiting.  Please contact Eclipser, Sinelor or Domascus in-game for membership questions.  You may also PM me on Guild Portal to "Eclipser of Tempest Dei".

If you are looking for a fast pace, hard core raiding by tomorrow guild, Tempest Dei is not for you.  Tempest Dei is looking for players that can grow with the guild and while doing so develop strong friendships with other guild members.  The persons controlling the characters need to exhibit professionalism, dignity, integrity, maturity, respect for others, etc.

Raid Content:
Several members of Tempest Dei are fully Citadel of Anguish flagged.  Those members will start farming Augs within Citadel of Anguish.  We will also raid Ture, Keldovan and possibly Hanvar for loot, back flags and an occasional 2.0 Epic Orb. 

When Tempest Dei has obtained a sizable membership (of persons meeting the above criteria) we will raid up to and including AMV.  Tempest Dei will then farm Citadel of Anguish.

  1. Persons wishing to enter Citadel of Anguish must complete the Signet quest.
  2. Full cooperation from Tempest Dei members will be provided to those needing their signets.  Signet farming will be the sole priority of all Tempest Dei members outside of raiding Citadel of Anguish.


Posted 10/17/2007
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