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Guild News

538363295_Inactive, Oct 31, 07 11:37 AM.
News with in the guild.  We are currently seeking new members for moderate raiding.  If you know anyone we need all classes but tanks.  Thanks and send them to a recruiter for assistance thank you for your time and support.  Recuiters are as follows for the Raid ldrs Tarvin Deafdose and Lesfoth.

Guild Level 15!

539040992_Inactive, Jul 25, 07 11:55 PM.
Woot! GJ guys ;-)

Guild concept

539040992_Inactive, Jul 15, 07 6:07 PM.
I was driving myself nuts trying to think of a name for my new guild, asked several friends for idea's, till one just said it, plain as day, Darkened Instinct, Perfect. This site is to be the beginning  of what i hope to one day become one of the best guilds on the Guk server, not because we can raid better then NPU, not because we have more members then Lore or Immortality, but because we base ourselves on friendship, fun, and the eventual ability to raid endgame content decently.
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