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We are the Golden Age Heroes. Champions of the ideals first set forth by the brighter heroes of yesterday.
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Though each of us remain a unique representation of those ideals, we all share the vision,
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We will not bend in the face of adversity.
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Forums : At the Greylock > Spotlight on... Star Flair!
The Gold Falcon (SuperAdmin) 10/19/2011 8:58 PM EST : Spotlight on... Star Flair!
Paragon (GGA)
The Gold Falcon
Posts: 3869

Gold Falcon: So...  Lets begin at the beginning.  Why don't you start by telling us a little something about who Star Flair is, and where she comes from.
Star Flair: Well I am named, Zan'torynnee, but the closest translation would still not be accurate.  So I am known as, Star Flair in the human language.
Star Flair: When I was still just another Kallistian, and as you call it a Combat Medic, I was chosen to be joined with my partner and become a Stellar patrol agent.
Star Flair: Oh yes!  My planets name is Kallistera.  It is roughly 26 lightyears from this planet, in the constellation you call, Lyra.
Gold Falcon: Wow...  Talk about a long distance trip.
Gold Falcon smirks
Star Flair: As my training and missions  progressed as a Patrol agent,  I grew close to my partner as we had done all we could to keep the innocent safe.
Gold Falcon: This partner...  He was the man you were to be -joined- to?
Star Flair: Oh, you call them Kheldians and I would be a Peacebringer in your understanding.
Gold Falcon looks a little surprised "Oh..."
Watcher Midnight looks to Flair with a surprised look on his face. Another one? That's two he's met in person today.
Spirit Sibyl is listening attentively.
Star Flair: the Kheldains have been partners in the Protectorate and the Coalition of Worlds.  The Stellar Patrol serves them as... Hmm.   You would call them space cops?    Yes, space cops!
Gold Falcon nods in understanding
Star Flair: The beings helped my race durring the, War of Separation.   When the nictus first attacked us.
Star Flair: Hmm.  Is there anything else I am to speak of?  I seem to have lost track...
Star Flair smiles sweetly
Spirit Sibyl smiles.
Gold Falcon: Well, how about what brought you to Earth?
Star Flair: I was in pursuit of a being of indescribably evils, and they were about to get away when I did all I could do.   My weapons were disabled in the combat before I entered your system.   I had to ram him!   My Star Glider was damaged but his ship was sent away from my trajectory.
Star Flair: I crashed in your Bloody Bay, but I was saved and heled by the mighty Golden Age Heroes!
Star Flair: The being I was in pursuit of I am told did not survive...
Gold Falcon frowns slightly
Star Flair: No body was found, but the ship's parts were discovered on your moon.
Star Flair: I have been in contact with the Protectorate and they have granted me this sector to patrol.
Gold Falcon: Was your being rescued by the GAH the main reason you joined up?
Star Flair: I believe in helping others and doing as I have been trained and strived to do in the Stellar Patrol!  The same idea behind the GAH!  It is just a home away from home, as you would say.
Star Flair: I am still trying to learn of your planet and the beings on it, but it is a difficult task.
Gold Falcon: Yeah...  Humans aren't the easiest beings to understand.  Or so I've heard.
Spirit Sibyl smiles and shakes her head.
Star Flair: What else would you like to know?   I have been trying the human practice of a hobby.. I have been trying to cultivate Zorcle berries here on earth and it is so far still not possible.
Watcher Midnight: ...Zorcle berries?
Watcher Midnight: ...oh sorry...
Watcher Midnight didn't mean to say that out loud...
Gold Falcon: It's alright...  They do sound interesting.
Star Flair: Yes a delightful tasting berry from my home , the closest similar earth food, is your berry Blast pudding cups!
Gold Falcon raises an eyebrow "Hmm.  I'll have to give them a try sometime.  Are they safe for human consumption?
Star Flair: Umm, I do not believe there is any danger.
Star Flair: But then your yellow drink is called a a condiment not a drink, but it tastes great as a beverage!
Gold Falcon: Yellow condiment...?  You mean mustard?
Watcher Midnight: ...or custard?
Star Flair: And I do not understand why no one will let me cook for them here.   I feel my culinary creations are nice but the stomach pump you humans tend to request after eating my creations is odd.
Star Flair: ...And I do enjoy the, mustard, yes.
Spirit Sibyl: Mustard? To each their own...
Star Flair: the red drink is nice too,
Watcher Midnight could understand drinking custard. But must -- uh. Wow.
Gold Falcon: Okay...  So, besides growing berries and drinking ketchup and mustard...  What do you do when you're not being a hero?  Do you have a job of some kind?
Star Flair: Yes I help the friend Serge with they call it, modeling?   He makes me clothing and I wear them,  then he pays me.
Star Flair: He likes to have me wear many outfits but I do not understand some of them, like the item called a bathing suit.  Why would one wear clothing to bath?
Gold Falcon: ...
Gold Falcon looks puzzled by Star's question "It's to go swimming in."
Spirit Sibyl doesn't quite know what to say to that.
Star Flair: He has designed a Halloween costume he wishes me to wear for the season.
Star Flair: Would you like to see it?
Gold Falcon raises an eyebrow "Uh, maybe another time..."
Star Flair: He calls it a Demoness of dreams.. I just call it black with horns
Star Flair: So, is there anything else specific you desire to know?
Gold Falcon: Lets see...  Is there a special someone in your life?
Star Flair: There is a human I am fond of, but he should remain nameless for his protection,
Spirit Sibyl nods sadly, knowing that that makes good sense.
Gold Falcon: Fair enough.
Star Flair: I have found that the human physical body is not exactly able to handel the stresses of a proper coupling, with my race... He has suffered many broken bones and bruises
Spirit Sibyl mutters, "I probably didn't need to know that."
Star Flair: I have learned to how you say?, tone it down?
Gold Falcon stares blankly
Spirit Sibyl grins at GF. "I dare you to publish *that* in the interview."
Gold Falcon: Alrighty then!   Moving on...
Star Flair: The sparing we do is very light from what I am used to.   Oh i believe you call this Fore Play?  He is not that adept with swords but blunt weapons he is well set for.
Gold Falcon blinks
Star Flair: I am correct am I not? your mating rituals are started in combat as are ours, correct?
Gold Falcon: Right!  Next question!
Star Flair: Alright.
Spirit Sibyl nods hastily. "Right, please, thank you."
Spirit Sibyl wonders if poor Watcher's mind has snapped from the unnecessary information.
Gold Falcon: So, lastly...  What advise do you gave for heroes just starting out?
Star Flair: Hmm  be strong, be honest both to yourself and to others,  and be caring  as in for others around you, help those you see in need, and do not judge based on how you say, rumors?   Look deep inside the beings you call friends and hold them close to your hearts however many hearts you have.
Gold Falcon smiles "Sounds like good advise to me. Thank you, Star Flair."
Spirit Sibyl nods her agreement.
Star Flair: A pleasure.  Do we have any more pudding?
Gold Falcon: Pudding?  Uh, I think we might have some in the kitchen...
Star Flair: Yay!

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