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Welcome  Guest, to the Sebastian Greylock Building,
Home of the Golden Age Heroes!
New to the site or the Golden Age Heroes? Start here !

We are the Golden Age Heroes. Champions of the ideals first set forth by the
brighter heroes of yesterday. Justice, Liberty, and Integrity are our watchwords,
the foundation of our beliefs, and the promise of the future we all strive to achieve.

News Archives
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(read)High Seas Hijinx!
(read)Golden Age Festival V Highlights the Best and Brightest of Paragaon
(read)Praetoria Invades! Golden Age Heroes and Statesman Save the Day!
(read)The Golden Age Heroes Triumphant!
(read)The Diva has been heard!
(read)Sadie Hawkins Dance without a Hitch!
(read)Kid Eagle Newest Hero of the City!
(read)Officer Promotions!
(read)Welcome New Heroes!
(read)Salute the Flag!
(read)Alakazam! Dr. Presto summons up Hero of the City Award
(read)GAH Thwarts The Council!
(read)Golden Age Festival a Smashing Success!
(read)Fighting Canadian recieves highest honor.
(read)Nurse Midnight and assistant awarded Hero of the City
(read)Fantastigal honored by Miss Liberty
(read)Heroines of the City!
(read)Welcome New Heroes!
(read)Cavalier VIII awarded Hero of the City
(read)Holy Crow!
(read)The Spitfire Roars!
(read)Welcome New Heroes!
(read)The Order of the Golden Age has a new receipient!
(read)The YGA welcome one returning officer and one NEW officer.
(read)Paragon City honors one of its dedicated heroes, Sentry-Man
(read)A Salute to the Commander
(read)The Paragon Idol
(read)Icons Ahoy!
(read)Evildoers beware!
(read)The Winds of Justice!
(read)Dynamistress recieves "Hero of the City" accolade
(read)PinUp Girl and Proud Citizen reach lvl 50!!
(read)Absolutely Indomitable
(read)Moonlit Dreamer achieves City's highest honor.
(read)Justice on the Quick!
(read)Three New Hero of the City Reciepents!
(read)Knight of Swords and All-American Girl honored by City
(read)Congratulations Commander Crimson!
(read)New Faces of Heroism!
(read)Triple the Heroism!
(read)The Gods welcome new faces!
(read)Ragna Rocks!
(read)Speed and Triumph!
(read)Golden Age Festival a Smash Success!
(read)A Tower of Strength!
(read)Congratulations and Thank You!
(read)Welcome to New Members!
(read)Golden Age Heroes Toss Kronos Titan on Scrapheap!!
(read)Charter Ratified Unanimously!
(read)New GAH Officers Named
(read)Flosshilde named Hero of the City
(read)Union Jill, Hero of the City!
(read)Guidestar Acknowledged Hero of the City!
(read)The War God's Chosen Follow-Up

Doctor Presto
Coming soon, Nurse Midnight's birthday!
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