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Welcome  Guest, to the Sebastian Greylock Building,
Home of the Golden Age Heroes!
New to the site or the Golden Age Heroes? Start here !

We are the Golden Age Heroes. Champions of the ideals first set forth by the
brighter heroes of yesterday. Justice, Liberty, and Integrity are our watchwords,
the foundation of our beliefs, and the promise of the future we all strive to achieve.


Golden Age Heroes and Union Supreme Team Up to Save Paragon City!

Nurse Midnight, Jun 10, 12 6:24 PM.
During the end of May and beginning of June, the members of the Golden Age Heores and Union Supreme have teamed up in order stop threats against Paragon City greater than the sum of both teams.  Eyewitnesses have reported seeing both teams working together on several occasions, including assisting the newest member of the Freedom Phalanx, Penelope Yin, on saving Paragon City from utter destruction at the hands of the Freakshow.

*Thank you Doctor Spectro of the Union Supreme for putting these images together!*

GAH and Allies Save Paragon City!

Nurse Midnight, May 30, 11 10:12 PM.
The Praetorian Invasion of Primal Earth was a terrifying time.  Praetors, War Walkers, and Goliaths took flight through Paragon City destroying everything in their path.  There was nowhere to run, nowhere to hide, and panic was spreading far and wide.   However, there were heroes there that turned the tide.

The Golden Age Heroes along with other Super Heroes throughout Paragon City were there to fight back against the ruthless Emperor Cole.  They dared to repel the Praetorian Invasion over land, sea, and air.  Fighting for freedom where ever there was trouble, the heroes never gave up and fought back against them until the last of the invaders were send back to their own dimension.

Thank you Golden Age Heroes and everyone who dared to defend human freedom against the Praetors, determined to rule our world.  You all, truly are worthy of the name, heroes.

The Golden Age Heroes and others moments after resetting the flag on the roof of City Hall.

 "Paragon is hurt, but not broken.  We must fight or face defeat, we have to stand our ground and not retreat.  We can't retreat... because...we are the heroes that people look up to.  We give them the hope they need to continue on.  If hope is lost... then so  is everything!  We're the first and last line of defense of this city and I know we're not going to let it fall.  It's up to us and we're going to win!" - Nurse Midnight

Two New GAH Icons Inducted!

Nurse Midnight, Apr 9, 11 10:16 PM.
If you missed the April meeting on Wednesday then you missed on the induction of two new Icons to the Officers of the Golden Age Heroes.  And they are:

Lancaster Bomber, Icon of the Gods


Kid Mesmer, Icon of the Young Gods

Congratulations to both heroes.  We know you'll do well as officers and make the team proud.  You already have as members.
Doctor Presto
Coming soon, Nurse Midnight's birthday!
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