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Welcome to the Death Disciples

The Death Disciples was started on July 2, 2007 by a group of players wanting more from a guild. The guild was founded on the desire to help fellow members level, run instances and kill horde! Our mission is to see all members leveled to a place where we can run organized weekly raids not only in Karazhan, Gruul's Lair and other end-game instances but against our opposing faction and their cities.

Guild Rules

Help your fellow members quest, run instances and of course level. While this is one of the sole purposes of the guild, we ask that you not abuse the system. Take initiative! Don't always depend on a higher level to run you through. In the long run you will become a better player for not always depending on easy runs and quick questing.

Guild Conduct

Respect the guild, its leadership and members at all times. Be conscience of how you represent the guild always acting in a positive and responsible manner.

Guild Promotions and Officers

Becoming an officer in the Death Disciples isn't easy. It requires commitment, loyalty and serious leveling. We have a strict process of promotion:

  • 1-39 Disciple
  • 40-59 Assassin
  • 60-69 Battle Master
  • 70- Commander
  • Elite 70- War Lord
  • Officer- Immortal
  • Elite officer- Death Prophet
Other Guild News
WWS - Stats for Bragging Rights!
By 539536953_Inactive, Sep 4, 08 9:30 AM

Andelmerck just set up a Death Disciples account for us on Wow Web Stats (WWS).  
Thanks Andelmerck!

Guild Calendar is up and running again
By 539536953_Inactive, Aug 19, 08 7:39 PM

The calendar is up and running again for scheduled runs.  Please start keeping an eye on up and coming events.   In September, we'll resume sign-ups.  Thanks! ~ Melgrehol

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