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Welcome to N Friends!

N friends is a relatively young guild (formed February 9th, 2007).

N Friends Mission Statement

  1. We consider ourselves a group of "friends", first and foremost, with common goals and a willingness to have fun, to lend a helping hand and offer praise to those around us. This spirit of camaraderie is certainly not limited to our guild mates and we hope that everyone we cross paths with, who plays by similar rules, goes away with a smile on their face! The most important aspect of our guild is the people behind the toons. We treat each other with respect, honesty, and honor, and expect our guild mates to do the same throughout all of Norrath. Our main goal is to relax and have fun.

    What we are looking for in recruits:

  • The ability and desire to treat all players (both guild mates and non-guildies) with respect, regardless of what might happen while gaming together,
  • Level 50 + (exceptions will be made for those individuals who are sponsored by a current member of N Friends)
  • 18 years or older 
  • A good sense of humor
  • A willingness to participate in guild grouping and activities
  • A desire to assist guild mates when they need help

      If you're interested in reading N Friends guild charter please click on the link into the Information page of this site.




Nothingmissed, Apr 27, 10 5:19 AM.
  Hello members, just updating some things : As of the middle of May 2010, N Friends will no longer be supporting a guild Ventrilo server. With the addition of the voice chat system in game and that system seeming to work fairly well I have decided that it was something I could save money on by not having it any longer.
Thusly I have discontinued the payment system after this current payment period. Any questions or comments feel free to send them to me either here on the webpage or a note in game. Thank you for your time.


TPR....The Protectors Realm... attempted

Nothingmissed, Sep 13, 09 7:49 AM.
  Hello all, just abit of news from leadership, we attempted a run thru the raid zone TPR on Sat night as some of you know. I am happy to report that after alittle skepticism on my part to keep going(as we didnt get many from the alliance), I hit the channels for more lo and behold, we filled the bugger up and could have had more as I turned a couple away. We had some good people with that helped us out with strats abit as we dont know it real well but all in all it went real well til the last guy. We hit a wall there for abit but after some thought and attempts and practice we got the guy down.

   Thx all that could come with and here's to hoping more can come with next time we do something like this..... I really think we can do most of the T1 raids with a base of people from our guild and then fill in with either alliance or pickups.
   I encourage all guild members that dont have their mythicals to check up on what kills you might take some time but I am pretty sure between our own attempts and those done with our Casual Alliance guilds that we can get all but Veeshon Peaks updates....and those might start happening as well !!



Aislling, Jun 11, 09 1:59 PM.

Hello Aislling here! I'll be taking part in the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation’s (JDRF) Walk to Cure Diabetes. Type 1, or juvenile, diabetes, is a devastating disease that affects millions of people, a large and growing percentage of them children. I participate in JDRF events throughout the year, one of them being a walk! Please visit my JDRF site ( if you would like to donate towards this great cause =)

Happy Hunting, Aislling

Sydah's Talents

Nothingmissed, Feb 14, 09 4:42 PM.
   Just a quick note to say a public thank you to Sydah for sharing his talents with imageshack and whatever else he uses with designing pic's for wallpaper and signatures and avatars and now our guild banner(the pic at top of the page now).

          THANKS SYDAH!!!!!

Put the MYTH in Mythical!!

ShymmerNeverDimmer, Sep 10, 08 10:03 AM.
Congratz to Nothingmissed and Charliie on obtaining their mythicals!!!!  It was a long wait, but they finally got them!!
  Thought I should add in here that Vainamoinen had his first,and we(NM and Charliie) were followed by Shymmer(Asagio now) and Appocolypse !!

Lets give all of  them a BIG CHEER!!!


D'oh! I was gonna do this, but I forgetted! Grats you 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Your Friendly Neighbourhood Paladin)
 ***As a side note guild members.. if you are interested in working on/getting your epic weapons(fabled first followed by mythical) contact Nothingmissed(or one of his Mistermischief,Usiria,Sourballads or Demolish).

14,234,754 reasons to celebrate!!!!!

BigDaddyVain, Aug 11, 08 9:42 AM.

14,234,754 reasons to celebrate!!!!!

Well done Annie and SUPER GRATS on being WW#1 for Guild Status... a truly mind-boggling feat!

LOL THis is so outdated!!!!! Annie I love you....but you are crazy.....absolutely freakin crazy!!!
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