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Lanai_ibst'Essene (Applicant) 12/20/2007 10:33 AM EST : Raiding with Laenai and the DarkLight Pact
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Please feel free to sign up to group and raid with us as we make our way through T7 content and set out to prove to everyone that role-players can do whatever anyone else can and have more fun doing it!

- We raid every Thursday night at 8PM EST and every Saturday night at 9PM EST
- We ask that you be 65+ in order to join us for tier 7. Other tiers with other level requirements will be noted both on a shared calendar and on the forum listing.
- We loot on an NBG /ran 100 basis with all final calls falling to the raid leader
- Unless otherwise noted, our raids are OOC so that our good-side friends can join us without having to disguise themselves, but light RP between pulls in emotes and says DO happen
- Ventrilo is preferred, but not required- this is mostly for listening, so if you can get it/already have it and can't talk, don't let that stop you from joining us in the channel.

Our focus is fun first and foremost. We are not ub3r nor are we hardcore. Our secondary objective is to allow people, and especially role-players, to see content they may not otherwise get to see, participate in raids they might not otherwise get to participate in, and maybe grab a neat piece of gear they might not otherwise get to grab.

Jeyanna (SuperAdmin) 12/20/2007 11:07 PM EST : RE: Raiding with Laenai and the DarkLight Pact
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Thank you so much for posting this Laenai! I know we have a few that are within the range that you are asking. about and I am sure they would love to go. This is one of the reasons that we thought an alliance would be a great thing because you are right. roleplayers can do whatever anyone else can! Soon enough, Jeyanna will hopefully be high enough to do these things with you I"m getting there...I just craft and roleplay too much....hrm, is there such a thing as too much rp? *grins* nah, i don't think so
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