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LMYC Raid Information    

LMYC is currently rebuilding in preparation for the Cataclysm expansion.  We plan on concentrating on ten man teams, plan on running multiple teams two nights per week.   Raid sign ups are made through In Game Calendar.  You must sign up to get a spot on the raid.  

If you would like to start a Ten man raid team on off raid nights you are welcome to do so through the in game guild calendar.

If you would like to join LMYC sign in on top of page then select "Join this Guild" to fill out a Guild Application.   You will be contacted by an Officer if you are accepted.

Mandatory add-ons for Raiders are Omen, Deadly Boss Mods, and Pally Power for Paladins.

Raid Point System    

LMYC has a simple raid point system that works like this:  One point is awarded for each hour of the raid, Two points are awarded for being to raid on time and two additional points will be earned for completing the full raid.

STANDBYS:  Standbys will get full raid points for the night of raiding if they are signed up and unable to get a spot in raid.  However, Standbys must be ready to go if someone drops or DC's that means you must be repaired, potted and raid specc'd.

Looting:  If an item drops that you are intersted you send a tell to the master looter, if you win that item it will cost you 25 raid points.  If you win a drop as a sidegrade it will cost you SIX Raid points.

Patterns: If a BOP pattern drops for a BOE item it will first go to a guild officer.  Once the guild has that pattern it will be open for a roll by anyone that can use it.

NOTE:  Your Raid points can now be found in game.  Check your toon note to see your current DKP.

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