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Welcome to Ascendence

Welcome to Ascendence. We are a growing group of online friends saving Paragon City from the scum of villainy. We are an active supergroup on Pinnacle.

If you would like to join our fight please contact one of us in game, or drop us a line here in the forums.
Ascendence News

Another Ascendence Member reaches 50!

537093638_Inactive, Apr 14, 05 6:59 AM.
Congratulations to Hledolf who became a Hero of the City this week in reaching level 50.
Nice job! 

Welcome New Ascendence Members!

537093638_Inactive, Apr 14, 05 6:53 AM.
Ascendence welcomes new members to her ranks:  Hledolf, Vertaspike and Man-Spider. 

Welcome, heroes.  Be sure to give them a shout and a team invite if you see them on!

Ascendence Answers Bastion's Call

537093638_Inactive, Apr 11, 05 6:51 AM.
Lots of fun was had last night (as late as it was) as five Ascendence members took on the Council and completed the Bastion Task Force.  Battling evil under the Ascendence banner were:  Ithamar's Imp (Fireclad), Orange Juliet (Spinderella), Vanus (Veritas), and two newer members Man-Spider and Vertaspike.  Another hero, a scrapper known as Krysanda, also joined in. 

It took just under three hours to thwart the Council's plans with no Ascendence casualties.  

No doubt the citizens of Paragon City are resting easy.  Ascendence will remain vigilant as the watch is not done.

Ascendence Screenshots

537093638_Inactive, Apr 11, 05 6:40 AM.
I'm in the process of putting together a photo roster of Ascendence members as well collection of screenshots of our heroes in action. 

If you have or can make a screenshot featuring your character, or if you some shots of you and/or other Ascendence titans upholding justice, just e-mail them to me at  I'll make sure they are included.  We don't have a lot of screenshots of the newer folks, so send them in!

New Level 50's!

537093638_Inactive, Apr 7, 05 8:28 AM.
Ascendence saw several more of her members hit 50 in the last few weeks. 

Congratulations go out to:

Devil Destroyer
Fire Reaper
Night Force

A few more are closing in on the title Hero of the City, so expect more announcements soon!

Hamidon Down!

537093638_Inactive, Feb 22, 05 6:23 PM.
Hamidon was defeated in a closed raid today.  Members of several supergroups joined forces and toppled the mighty beast in just under three and a half hours.  Ascendence members Fashion Sense, Frosta, Mystic Psycho and Veritas took part in Hamidon's downfall.

New Domain Registration

537093638_Inactive, Feb 16, 05 10:14 AM.

We have a new domain.  The url to this webpage will be  This should be activated in the next couple of days.

New Server Patch

537093638_Inactive, Jan 19, 05 7:43 AM.

A new server patch was installed last night. Here is a list of the updates/changes.

Issue 3 Maps Available

537093638_Inactive, Jan 7, 05 6:46 AM.

Fashion Sense gave me a heads up that there are new in-game maps for Issue 3. The guys at have updated their maps to include all new badges and locations. You can get them here. Happy hunting!

Issue 3 Released! Will Ascendence Members Return?

537093638_Inactive, Jan 5, 05 6:15 AM.

As you probably all know, Issue 3 has been released on the servers bringing with it Epic Power Pools and Epic Archetypes. The free respec should be out by the end of the week. I made a Warshade, and it seems fun so far. His name is Seicrest, so look him up! If anyone needs help getting those last few levels to 50, let me know, and I'll be glad to help out. We hope that Issue 3 heralds the return of our missing members. Come back already!

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