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The Theramore Yacht Club
Big General Welcome
Feb 24, 09 10:27 AM
Welcome to the new Oceane :)
Dec 2, 08 5:58 AM
Welcome Shanlyn & Latreth
Dec 2, 08 5:57 AM
Welcome Padredruid!
Apr 9, 08 12:21 AM
Welcome Demell!!!
Apr 7, 08 6:02 AM
Game News
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The Theramore Yacht Club in Northrend!

We are a small but tightly knit guild, mostly made of RL friends and good people we have met in WoW over the years. We believe in equality and gaming for fun. Everything else is a bonus!

Check out on the forums for what we might be organising, and to the left of this page, we have the Information tab with some other great links.

If you would like to join the Yacht Club, please follow this link to apply.  

Enjoy your stay!

Other Guild News

Big General Welcome

Graham738, Feb 24, 09 10:27 AM.
Big Welcome to all the recent additions to the guild!

Good times await us :)

Welcome to the new Oceane :)

Graham738, Dec 2, 08 5:58 AM.
We'll be taking you to the deadmines shortly as well :P

Welcome Shanlyn & Latreth

Graham738, Dec 2, 08 5:57 AM.
Quick hello to two new members. Hope they find themselves at home with us. :)

Welcome Padredruid!

Graham738, Apr 9, 08 12:21 AM.
Wow! This section has never been busier!

Welcoming another priesty onboard. Just adding to the group of rl friends we have in the guild. :)

Let the good times roll

Welcome Demell!!!

Graham738, Apr 7, 08 6:02 AM.
And another one joining the club :)

Looking forward to taking you to your first DeadMines run!!! :)
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