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Welcome to our new website!

 this clan forums was started by BunkerBeast.

We want this clan to be a... nice clan.. no bad rep.. no hackers.. no fights...

people talk.. people are idiots.. let them do waht they will.. it effects us 0%.. so they say we suck.. hell ya we do.. where the TEAM Fa!!! but doesnt mean we couldn't beat them in a scrim :D.

honesty and trust is what we have here...
We have vent...
We have members...
We are pretty descent...
we don't care if others join or not..
We have forums..
We have A Server..
Bunker is very good at leading and cordinating and setting up plans...

We don't use TS too laggy and sounds bad..
We hate jerks...
Were not looking for fights
We wont rct people looking for fights...

We play this game to ahve fun.. to be with eachother in a fun enviroment.. if you feel you want to be part of what this is.. then talk to leadership... there are no ranks in this clan.. our ranks are this...
Leader~Admin~Member~Rct.. i see it pointlesss to have w.e the rest are.. hahaha.

were here to have fun.. lets enjoy :D.

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