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Desilijic Cartels (HUTTS)
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Desilijic Cartel

"Notorious for being slavers, gangsters, and merciless kingpins, the Desilijic were one of the most ruthless Hutt crime clans in the galaxy."


The Desilijic Hutt Family was one of the most prominent and deadly association of Hutt crimelords in the galaxy. Their most famous members, Jabba Desilijic Tiure was a vicious and ruthless crime kingpin of the galaxy who had a monopoly on glitterstim. The vicious hutt controlled all of tatooine and had his grubby hands in various other buisiness all over the galaxy. Their bitter enemies, the Besaddi clan, most known member Durga the Hutt was often bested by the Desilijic family.

The members of the clan were fat, greedy and powerful criminal overlords and rising gang stars. Such as Jabba, most Hutts start out as small-time gunrunners and spice networkers. Every member of the Desilijic Cartel must pay a tribute to the Cartel's leading Hutt Kajidic, which would be Jabba during this time. The tribute would often be a fee of 10% of all of their operations. Because of this, it made Jabba a god amongst the underworld and strengthend the forces of the Desilijic to the point where they aided even the Empire heavily.

The members of the clan, individually were vicious crime figures. They often had their own crime networks running all over the galaxy and allied and aided each other. A Hutt of the Desilijic is never to refuse aid to another Kajidic unless the current leader declares one of the Hutt's in the cartel a rogue member. What is this guild, network about? Skocha Desilijic Lorda, a rising Hutt crimelord of Talus, Dantooine and Corellia.

Skocha Desilijic Lorda was born into the Desilijic Cartel early on and was already a ruthless thug participating in an inner desilijic conflict. Skocha killed his father to claim his own crime regime within the Desilijic cartel. Skocha's crime regime was small and the Desilijic Crime Kingpin, Jabba Desilijic Tiure ordered Skocha to move his operations to Talus, Corellia and Dantooine. The kingpin believed he could profit more from these three planets if he had a true Desilijic operating there. The current Hutt residing in power of Corellia was Shalera the Hutt, no hutt currently controlled the other two planets.

Skocha made a peace treaty with Shalera while he believed it would be more diplomatic to make his base Talus and work on Corellia from the Talusian dwarf planet. He felt very diffirently about controlling crime regimes. Where Jabba was open for any thug to see, Skocha was particularly paranoid and kept himself in his own mansion and base of operations. He also kept a vicious and ruthless kimogila.

Skocha now is begining to open up shop for hire for his new network. He currently has a spice farm out on dantooine where he will ship large amounts of shadowpaw and various other spices to Corellia and Talus. He also is running a gunrunning operation begining on Corellia with the consent of Shalera.

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