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Getting Started (Again)
Oct 5, 08 10:49 AM
Another good weekend
Sep 4, 07 10:53 AM
Game Update #38 Preview
Aug 31, 07 1:50 PM
Weekend raids a blast!
Aug 20, 07 7:07 PM
New Guild Structure
Aug 19, 07 8:37 PM

Welcome to The Black Rose website!

TBR now has our own sub-domain! You can reach it directly by going to (Please note that there is no WWW in front of the address) Let's give a huge "THANK YOU" to Stalk for paying the fees required to upgrade the site! Show your appreciation by being an active user of this wonderful resource!

We hope that you will enjoy this website and find it a useful tool to enhance your enjoyment of the game we all love to play. For guild memebers new and old, please create an account with GuildPortal and log in. This will give you full access to this site and ensure you are always up to date on what's going on in the guild.

If anyone has any suggestions, please contact Najanii or Zubglub, and let us know about any ideas you may have for the site. If you have pictures you would like to post, please get with us and we will make it happen.

 Thanks again for visiting The Black Rose's website! We hope to see you again real soon!


Getting Started (Again)

539066553_Inactive, Oct 5, 08 10:49 AM.
TBR has had many people come and go in the last few months. We wish them the best of luck and hope some return soon.  As many have expressed, TBR would like to start raiding again and also help people finish some much needed quests.  Starting in the near future dates and schedules will be posted to meet these needs. Please feel free to set up your character information if you haven't done so already.  The first raid event will be June 7th at 10 am PST.  We will be doing a guild raid to help teach people the basics in raiding. We will meet at Ant docks. See you there.

Another good weekend

Zubglub, Sep 4, 07 10:53 AM.
TBR had another fun weekend this past Sat/Sun. We attempted to make a run at Ascent of the Awakening however with so many of our regulars on vacation and doing other things like moving (Kele/Stalk.. we miss you guys!) we called it off after a few failed attempts. Instead we had some other great things happen like Biteekee (he's a new dad btw!) who logged in and pushed the guild over the top to ding us Level 56! Grats all that helped us get there, only 4 for to go!

We also had several of us get together on Sunday to work a high level HQ from start to finish. After a few hours work, Golden, Strong, Zub, Evil, Icee, and Uthikia all were able to complete the Draco Mortus quest and each recieved thier nice new belts! Best part of that was with a full group working that high of a level HQ, the guild recieved 8% overall guild experience into our new level! Grats all for another fun fill weekend!

Game Update #38 Preview

Zubglub, Aug 31, 07 1:50 PM.
Check out what the devs have in store for us with the upcoming GU. Some of it is SUPER sweet like the new appearance tab! Read all about it HERE!

Weekend raids a blast!

Zubglub, Aug 20, 07 7:07 PM.
Well another weekend has come and past but TBR was active as always. Saturdays HQ day was slow to start as everyone must have been out enjoying thier weekend but in the end we got four members thier niffy "Crown of King Tranix" and lots of work for others completed. Sunday was the day everyone was waiting for and we showed up in force to finish this quest series. TBR layed the smack down on steps 5 and 6 of the guild questline. The fifth one was the best IMHO as it featured the return of a giant "Davy Jones". That's right, the squidhead himself came stomping out of the water in fine cinematic tradition only to meet his end. Grats to all those that helped and completed the questline! Look for us to do this series again in the not too distant future.

New Guild Structure

539057965_Inactive, Aug 19, 07 8:37 PM.
In the hopes of making it easier for members, new and old, to distinguish guild member levels and responsibilities, the leaders have given us a new ranking system.  Just check "Guild Structure" in the small information box on the top left of the screen to see how members are now ranked.

The Guild Dings!

539057965_Inactive, Aug 16, 07 10:36 PM.
Congrats and thank you to all who helped us reach 55!  There was a surge of success this evening, and we would all like to continue with this intertia.  So, keep up the good work guys, and let's continue having a good time!

Added Unrest Walk-Through to Allahkazam

539057965_Inactive, Aug 16, 07 10:25 PM.
Well folks, we submitted the Estae of Unrest walk-through and corresponding maps to the guys over at Allahkazam.  We asked them to link it back to the site, so hopefully a lot more people will be filtering through here to get a look around.  We also have it posted in the new forum "The Gnomish Guidebook," and if you have any great guides or maps, we would love you to post them there.

EQ2 is up and running again!

539057965_Inactive, Aug 14, 07 7:28 PM.
After a tedious patch, EQ2 is now up and fuctional again.  Although we were all content with the Rares being more common, Sony quickly fixed this issue :(.  Now, Rares are more unlikely, though still more frequent than before Update #37.  A few changes were made to looting policies, but I'm sure we are all more concerned with just getting back on at this point!
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