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Dragon Eye
Oct 4, 07 12:53 AM
Kinship Crier
Sep 18, 07 10:27 PM
Kin Event - Lone Lands Day
Sep 12, 07 10:32 PM
Server Down
Sep 9, 07 1:10 AM
Kinship Event - Craft Quests
Aug 23, 07 9:57 PM
Dragon Eye

I take this opportunity to welcome all to Dragon Eye.

The aim of Dragon Eye is mainly to be a fun happy enviroment, that all can enjoy. We Enjoy helping each other quest and general chatting.

We Currently have 120+ members in our Kinship.

If you wish to join the kinship in game please msg- Missty or Druscila

I hope you enjoy the kinship, if i can help in any way please feel free to ask me or an officer ;)

Thank You, And welcome all - Missty



vocah123, Oct 4, 07 12:53 AM.
Kinevent - Book 1,2,3 catch up

Just announcing this weeks event,

This week we will be doing a catch up on books 1,2,3 to get all who have been neglecting there book quests ;)

Where - We will meet out front of Thorins Hall at the very base of the stairs

When - Sunday 7th 10am Aussie est / Saturday 6th American est

All are welcome to come along or lend a hand to those who need the first 3 books. Looking forward to seeing u there ;)

Kinship Crier

vocah123, Sep 18, 07 10:27 PM.
Kinship Crier

Just a quick post to let all know, that we have made it into the Kinship crier this week (official lotro news). All should go check it out at the official lotro website.

Congratulations & thanks to everyone on the hard work thats been put in over the last 2 months. It has been a great team effort so far.

Kin Event - Lone Lands Day

vocah123, Sep 12, 07 10:32 PM.
Lone Lands Day

In this weekends event,We will be doing any quest u may have in the Lone Lands and GA instance. Theres alot to be done in the Lone Lands so bring all those quests u need to get done and lets get the area as complete as possible ;)

Time - Sunday 16th 10am est / Saturday 15th 8pm est

Where - We will be meeting outside the Forsaken inn, in the Lone Lands

Looking forward to seeing u all there ;)

Server Down

vocah123, Sep 9, 07 1:10 AM.
Server Down

hmm it appears we have a current down happning atm, cant log into the game

i will cya's all when the fix the problem

Kinship Event - Craft Quests

vocah123, Aug 23, 07 9:57 PM.
Craft Quests

Hiya, the next kinship event we'll be gathering some more crafting experiance and gathering those nasty teir quests u may need cathching up with or help with, like me ;)

Event Time - Sunday 26th 10am Aussies EST / Saturday 25th 8pm American EST

Where - We will be meeting outside the Prancing Pony in Bree, near the big rock.

All members are welcome to join in with the crafting quests event. Looking forward to seeing u all there - Missty Fye
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