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Constitutional charter

The Constitutional Charter of Allegiance Guild: (New Members read this first!!!)

We, the founding fathers of Allegiance declare that:

§ 1 We are a PvE orientated guild, with focus on end-game play, including heroics and if possible 10 and 25 man raids

§ 2 Though we are an end-game oriented guild, we acknowledge that leveling of characters is also a crucial part of the gaming experience in WOW, and for some even more enjoyable than the end-game play. We also encourage all to help members of lower levels to gain the necessary experience to be able to participate in the endgame and therefore we will all strive to help make the leveling as smooth and enjoyable for all as possible

§ 3 We are not a PvP guild and will there for not make official PvP events. However, all members are of course welcome to set up PvP events and unorganised PvP for you own pleasure (and the doom of your enemies), and if you feel like taking on the challenge of organising the guilds PvP effort, feel free to talk with an ambassador about it.

§ 4 The language of the guild is English. All chat in the guild channel must be in English at all times

 § 5 We are fans of RP and therefore RP is enforced in say and yell. Only in effects that can actually seen by nearby players. However, we do not enforce RP in the guild channel, since we would like this to be a guild of friends that joke around with other, and help out whenever they can and feel like it.

§ 6 To avoid misunderstandings and to hold the guild as sincere as possible; try to avoid, or at least limit the use of “lol”, “rofl”, "OMFG" and other abbreviations like that in guild related chat(also in parties where guild members are present).

§ 7 Allegiance initially will have 5 ranks: Neophyte, Member, Veteran, (Acting) Ambassador and Senior Ambassador:

Neophyte is the initial rank members will get when first invited to the guild. As Neophyte, you will have (next-to) no rights, and you will be last to get a spot on guild runs unless an Ambassador is bringing a Neophyte along as a part of the acceptance test for promotion.
To become a Member of the guild, and get rights to e.g. set up events, and to be able to watch certain parts of the forums, you will have to be accepted by at least two of the ambassadors. It will be the job of both the Ambassadors and Neophytes to get to know each other and do runs.

When you have become a Member, you will be able to invite people to join the guild.

Member is the common rank for members of Allegiance. They will have more rights than Neophytes, including, but not limited to setting up events using GEM (see below and links and addons section for more information), posting on the forum etc.

Veteran is solely an honorary title given to the people who helped start the guild; by signing the charter. They have the same rights as Members.

Acting Ambassadors, these are the other characters of the Ambassadors.

The Ambassadors is the convent of guild masters; they all have the same rights. In matters where the Ambassadors do not agree, a vote amongst them will take place, and a clear majority will rule. The Senior Ambassador is like an Ambassador, and in votes, his vote will have the same weight as any other Ambassador. The only reason that he is called Senior Ambassador is that he is the what is ordinarily called “the guild master”, meaning he is the one with the power to rename and create new ranks.

§ 8 We look very harshly on what is popularly called “ninja looting” if any member is taken in the act of ninjaing or stealing items from other players or guild members alike, that member will be have to explain itself to the ambassadors, or suffer exclusion from the guild. Ninjalooting will be punished harshly, but we recognize of course that accidents do occur, though we on screen appear differently we are in fact all human.  

§ 9 That the main purposes of Allegiance must always be to have fun playing a game we all love. Always only do whatever you find fun.

These are the basic rules of the Allegiance. They are merely guidelines, there is no “100% FOLLOW THIS OR GET KICKED N00B!” ramblings going on.

PS. To be accepted at Member you must download and install Guild Events Manager, as the main purpose of the guild is dungeon runs and other events, all events will be coordinated using GEM, and if you do not have it you will not be able to subscribe to these.

PPS. To join the website, create an account, and associate yourself will Allegiance in the default tab of Characters / Settings, then Privat Message WolfdreamerPAW.

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Mechanics of Allegiance
Guild leaders: Krahz, Rockybull, Shadowbever, Wolfdreamer and Zhorphia.
Each have equal rights. If in doubt about anything contact one of us.

Neophytes will be promoted to members after showing friendship, helpfullness, skills in play and loyalty. Exhibit these things and you'll become a true member of Allegiance.

Any guild member who wish to join the Raid force must apply to it manually on the forum. Guild members will go through the same evaluation process as non guildmembers.

We have 3 guildbankers. Allegor handels tradeitems and non-equipables. Mhivar handles equipable items, and Baarak handles recipees, classitems and Darkmoon cards. You must install the addon duckiebank to view these.

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