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Welcome to The Lacuna Order

Welcome, you have come across the halls of The Lacuna Order. Here you will find friendly and helpful people that will dedicate themselves to making your visit to our halls as pleasant as possible.

Please, don't look behind the locked doors.....

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Guild Activities.

539090358_Inactive, Sep 25, 07 3:23 AM.
Hello, there are a few bits and bobs that require the members attention. Firstly and as always, feel free to work your own RP stories if you're feeling it's needed. Most members are quite willing to come and RP with you if you just tell them about it.

Secondly, we have several Arena teams running and the odd group headed towards the Battle Grounds. So if you want to have a bit of general fun with other members outside of RP(Because it's nice to not have to think now and then) put out a call and see who answers.

Thirdly, I'm hoping to get more PvE and instance runs going for us. While we are an RP guild (And a good one at that) that doesn't mean you can't go and see the other aspects of the game while keeping the RP going. PuG's are a barren RPless world, and headed in there with other RPers and guild members is great fun.

Fourthly, there's thinking of putting together a Karazhan team from Lacuna. And I'm all for this as are many other members that would like to see if we can rise to this challenge. It'll mean actually helping each other and a little work, but I hope we can do it.

And finally, as you can see we need a new welcome message for the page. I want to keep it mysterious but otherwise friendly, but as you can see I've run rather dry creatively on that. So visit the forums and take a crack and see if you can come up with one that we can use.

Thanks for reading!

The Lacuna Order Has a New Address!

System, Aug 4, 07 1:27 PM.
The Lacuna Order has been upgraded to include a custom domain, and can now be reached directly by going to Please note that there is no WWW in front of the address!

Thank you for choosing GuildPortal as your guild''s home on the web!

Wrath of the Lich King, announced!

539063299_Inactive, Aug 4, 07 12:47 PM.
Dear Lacunist

It seems we will be going north to the lands of Northrend, Blizzard has announced the second expansion is to be the Wrath of the Lich king.

Official website - Wow:Wrath of the Lich king



The "New" Lacuna Order Website is live and kicking!

539063299_Inactive, Aug 4, 07 12:45 PM.
Welcome to the new Lacuna Order Website, i hope you like!

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