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'Fancy Lads'
Signing up for Events:
Aug 3, 07 7:19 AM
Guild Events
Jul 25, 07 1:14 PM
Welcome to 'Fancy Lads' an Everquest guild on The Rathe server

We are a family style guild bound for greatness. We currently run xp groups and such as guild activites & like to just spend time together. We have alot of exciting events upcoming in the future.

Currently we are accepting mains of all classes within levels 65-75. In our General Forums there is a simple application, for those interested in joining the guild.

If you would like to speak to someone directly contact: Dotel, Raydur  or Tonilea in game

Fancy Lads has broke into PoTime. Gratz to those newly keyed and loot winners.
We will be doing Time on a weekly basis now. Saturday and Sunday 1pm CST be in Time if keyed or outside if not.

Signing up for Events:

539064459_Inactive, Aug 3, 07 7:19 AM.
If you take a look at the calendar, you will see what we have planned for the guild.

There is place to sign up for the event. Please do so that way we know who to expect, & how many to expect to participate.

Also, if you have any ideas as far as possible activities and such, feel free to make a post. Include any links we can use to research the idea.

Guild Events

539064459_Inactive, Jul 25, 07 1:14 PM.
Guild scheduled events will be posted with time and meeting place on the website calendar.

It will be your responsablity to check the calanedar to know when and where to be.

Also watch the guild MOTD for important information as well.
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