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Brotherhood of the Balrog
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Welcome to the Brotherhood

jenniwyn, Oct 26, 07 10:38 AM.

Welcome to the Brotherhood of the Balrog, Silverloads largest active kinship.  We currently have over 50 level 50 kinnies, and over 250 members.  Here are the basics of what every member should know:

1) Kinship Statement
2) Harassment Policy
3) Promotions to Member/Officer
4) Kin Reps
5) Raid Events
6) Inactivity


The foundation of this kinship is its members and their ability to work with each other towards common goals.  I believe that a kinship that is raised together with the players interacting with each other as they learn will be far more powerful than one that collects members at level 50.

Brotherhood of the Balrog is a diverse kinship, full of giving and enjoyable players.  The kinhsip members are reflective of the best characters I have met in my journeys in an online game.  Players who make derogatory comments towards others, or show ninja looting tendencies are not tolerated here, and can find another home.  This Kinship is about helping each other through all the tough quests, and becoming a powerful raiding/pvp force at level 50.

Finally, real life always comes before gaming.  For that reason, this kinship will never have mandatory events.  I dont believe in them, this is a game, and is to be played for fun.  Dont take your time here too seriously, and enjoy your stay. 
Class reps are responsible for distribution of all class items, and promotions to member.  They also make recommendations for further promotions.  Contacting your class rep (mail or tell) is now mandatory to get member status.  members have full access to vaults, so we want to get to know them first.

2) Harassment Policy

Although not everyone playing this game is an adult, within this kinship, members are expected to act like one.  There are several things that can lead to demotion/expulsion.  The policy applies across the board, even officers have been demoted in the past for not following it.

1) Innappropriate language in Kinship chat.  The reason I formed a kinship is to be able to talk to people I like, and not have to deal with the vulgarity and innapropriateness of the rest of the world.  Just because you like to swear up a storm, doesnt mean other people want to see it.

2) Fighting among kinship members in chat.  I am not a babysitter.  I am older than 18, I have a source of income, and I have potential to be far more.  I am not going to settle disputes and pull people off of each other.  If you would like to fight with another player, take it private and dont let me know about it.  If you dont wish to talk to that player, go to ignore.

3) Rude behavior in world chat.  I dont want people to view our kinship as a group that fosters rude players.  We are here for fun, not ruin the fun of others.

4) Ninja looting.  This is people who roll need on items they dont need, or who mine already staked mines, or take items from the kin bank to sell.  Greed is not good.

Although this kinship prides itself on helping players out, it is not a right to be helped out, especially by our minstrils.  Do not EXPECT someone to help you, and before you message someone for help, ask in kin chat.  If you look at the roster and someone is located in URU, do not ask them for help.  It took them an hour to get there, and they are probably a ways in with a group that depends on them.  They are not going to drop everything so your sword does 1 extra dps.  Also, if you do ask for help, and somoene is earlier in a chain than you, take the 10 minutes to catch that person up and play the rest of the chain together.  This kinship is about finding bonds.

There are two ways that you can report violations.  Either send me a mail in game, or email screenshot to  If an officer makes a report to me, I will automatically agree with the officer.  I trust my officers judgments.


Promotions to member:

For each class, there is an officer who oversees items and help for that class.  After a week of being a recruit and signing up on our website, your officer will consider you for the promotion. Please consult your officer for a promotion to member!

Promotions to officer:

Officers are voted in and recommended by existing officers.  this is the process:
1) you have been active in the kin for a while.
2) You are registered on our site.
3) you inform your kin rep that you want to become an officer
4) the kin rep brings it up at an officer meeting and we vote

When voting, we take into account
- time in kin
- contributions to kin
- raids attented
- website contributions
- role you propose to play as an officer
- maturity in chat
- assistance to kin members

You should sell yourself to your kin officer on these points so they can present you in the best light at the kin meeting.  We dont actively take new officers, so please dont discouraged if it doesnt happen right away.

Your class rep should be your first point of contact about getting class items, questions about skills, available books and pages, and is your first line in the greivance process.  If your problem is with your class rep, then you can address me...


Your class reps are:
Guardian: Akkad
Loremaser: Arlexiel
Hunter: Samanthak
Champion: Adreeyen
Captain: Bernafrida
Burglar: Darco
Minstril: Pixzyduck
Crafting: Aegnak

Any questions about the kinhall and access go to Bernafrida or Dahlaine.  Please send class items to the appropriate representative, but if you dont remember, bobbank will still forward items.

Tinkermalan is our crafting rep.  Her webpage is found at


We currently calendar raid events on the website, and run unscheduled events.  If you would like to host a raid event, please contact me, giving me the date, time and location of the event, and I will post it.  Anyone attending the raid will get points for the raid, but only those who sign up beforehand are guarunteed spots.  

Points will fluctuate based on difficulty and time commitment involved.

If you host a raid, you must report all attendance to me.  In order for your character to receive credit, you must have that character added to your character list on the webpage.

Points are used to guage kinship raid participation, one factor in officer selection.

6) Inactivity

We do not like to bolster our numbers, inactivity will result in kinship expulsion.  You are always welcome back into the kin if you start playing again, we just dont like to keep dead characters on the recordbook.

Inactivity is defined as:
30 days of nonplay for levels 20 and under
45 days of nonplay for levels 21-40
60 days of nonplay for levels 41+

Officers will lose their status after 20 days of nonplay, unless Im given advanced notice.  Upon resumption of play, you will get the status back.

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

masterkeyes2, Jul 25, 07 10:09 PM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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