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Nov 13, 10 10:20 PM
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Jul 27, 07 2:33 PM
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we have our 6th tab !! but as always  Donations happily excepted!

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Odelphi, Nov 13, 10 10:20 PM.
we need to all get together and make a pic in WoW !  time and place will be given

sticky: a few rules

Odelphi, Jul 27, 07 2:33 PM.
Please conduct yourself in a decent manner at all times.  Be respectful to all guildies and allies who are helping us.  Please remember we have some younger folks in our guild, so limit graghic language and topics.  Please feel free to ask for help, but also realize that sometimes, the higher level peeps wanna work on their own stuff. 

We have class masters who are here as a resource. Please feel free to offer help to those below you.  Report all problems you have with others to me if you can't resolve them.

You may ask for instance runs, but do not abuse it, and be willing to take no for an answer.  While I never like to lose a guildie, I will have no quams about booting someone who is disruptive to the guild.  Thanks for your cooperation in these matters


TankSpot's Guide to Icecrown: Lich King (10-man) Normal

TankSpot's Guide to Icecrown: Lich King (10-man) Hard

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