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'Rebel Force Recon'
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Welcome to the home of 'RFR'
(Rebel Force Recon)

We are a Rebel pvp guild on the Bria Server of SWG.

Our main goal is the complete domination and destruction of the Imperial War Machine!

To aid us in this endeavor we use  and require the Voice Communications Program of Teamspeak.

Accomplishments include:
Many successful Base Attacks and Defenses like...
Destruction of the Imperial PVP Base at Fort Berchest
Destruction of the Imperial PVP Base on Lok
Successful Defense of the Omaha Beach Rebel PVP Base
Victory at the Battle of Restuss
Countless Guildwar victories

All of the above accomplishments would not have been so if it weren't for our many Allies: KTD LCG GOE SOO GRD POW...etc

Every member is helped to get necessary pvp gear to ensure they reach their full potential on the Battlefield.We have all 4 crafters to help with anything.  We also help any members who need to finish their seemingly forever grind to 90.  We have a non guildwar guild for all those who are still grinding or crafter alts.

So join us in this everlasting journey to rid the galaxy of the Corrupt Empire, Long live the Rebellion!

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