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Starting Out
Jul 27, 07 10:29 PM

We would like to personally welcome all those interested or are members of Nemesis of Eldre' Thalas. Differences between this guild and others....we take great pride in our lowbie leveling program, we do not shun those lower than us instead incourage them to press on with our current theme, we offer a hand up not a hand out. Meaning we will aid you in any way we can within reason, high level powering lower level players is generally shunned here, we want you to experience the game not fly threw it. :) Other differences you may come to find, we enjoy PvP as well as PvE so if you are looking for an allrounder guild you've come to the right place. Also we are leaning more towards a tight small guild but numbers are welcome, we base ourselves on quality of players not quanity. Most of the people you will meet here are RL friends or have become good friends with other players in the guild, we all work well together and encourage grouping frequently to ensure a good bond between guildies. We work like a phallanx, an impenaterable fighting unit...we strongly beleive we are as strong as our weakest link. We encourage advise giving and constructive critisism, but discourage downing of players and best of all we dont tell you what to spec your character. You pay to play, in our opinion you can do whatever you wish and specc however you please. :)

This is a guild run by many, tho Yunalesca is Guld Master, we have council to help run the guild... working together to make this guild work to its best. We are open to advice on guild management from anyone and all will be taken with the up most concideration. Thank You for you time and enjoy your travels through our site. 
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Starting Out

539072182_Inactive, Jul 27, 07 10:29 PM.
Hello All! Let me say again, Welcome to Nemesis whether your just interested in the guild or you are a member of the guild I welcome you with my upmost delight. We are still just starting out, getting the hang of all things concerning this site and guild management all together. We are just trying to set up or main people and recruiting as well. If you have any concerns or comment feel free to message me anytime. :) Have a wonderful time on ur travels no matter where you go. Thank you!
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