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Welcome to the sanctuary of the Angel Brigade

Our goal is to be a clan of dedicated players who want to be a part of an honorable and respectable organization. This clan is for active players, who strive to stand up for what they believe. We do events regularly such as raids, tournaments, and clan hunts. 

Have an inquiry?

Server: Jagged Coast Mount Tyrannas

pm Owa / OneWingedAngel
pm Nanii
pm Rumi

Aionnot currently active
Server: Ariel New Siel
Race: Elyos

Lineage 2: not currently active, well sort of active!!!
Server: Kain Aria Chronos

Buggerholme Hard 1st Clear

OneWingedAngel, Jul 15, 14 1:52 PM.
Casual first run of Rift's Edge Hard Mode

Owa - Priest
Nanii - Slayer
Eleni - Lancer
Nara - Slayer
Arimea - Warrior
Mochi - Mystic
Zurra - Archer
j3 - Sorc
Spyte - Lancer
Petite - Reaper

In the first try, we mixed up the shield phase (should be DPS or Kaia's Shield) with the lightning power up (debuff, then knockdown) lol.

WonderHolme Hard Mode - 3rd Clear

OneWingedAngel, Sep 18, 13 1:48 PM.
3rd Clear on WHHM.  It was much smoother this time and Sorc DISC dropped!
Finally I got footage of the whole fight without someone's ISP crapping out for hours.

Party 1:
Owa - Priest
Nanii - Slayer
Eleni - Lancer
Nara - Slayer
Selic - Warrior

Party 2:
Mochi - Mystic
j3 - Sorc
Shadow - Sorc
Preggers - Sorc
Morg - Sorc

WonderHolme Normal Boss D-e-D

OneWingedAngel, Sep 13, 13 5:17 PM.
First try, first clear from the first day the patch was released.  Too easy so time to work on HM! domain

OneWingedAngel, Sep 12, 13 7:16 PM.
So after years of having the domain I finally set it up so our URL is slightly less awful.

Everyone use instead of ""!
It should boost our ranking on Google too.

Nightmare Queen Beat!

OneWingedAngel, Sep 12, 13 3:19 PM.
After months of dipping our feet in the water of MC Hard Mode, we finally put in a whole week of attempting MCHM every night.  And on the final night before the queen gets nerfed we FINALLY killed her!

Server Status
Ascension Valley
Celestial Hills - Roleplay
Tempest Reach
Lake of Tears
Valley of Titans
Mount Tyrannas
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