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Apr 22, 12 2:58 PM
Dec 25, 11 9:53 PM
Nov 21, 09 1:38 PM
just in case
Sep 25, 09 9:46 PM
BV, you know you cant touch this
Jul 8, 09 9:33 AM
A long time ago in a galaxy far far away....
The planet of Vjun had fallen under Imperial control as Lord Vader placed his personal citadel there. Vjun was known for it's force sensitive population. Vader quickly began rounding up the force sensitives of Vjun, he foresaw them being problematic. Vader gave the force sensitives of Vjun an ultimatum, join him and serve the empire or be destroyed. The force sensitives of Vjun  fought valiantly against Vader and his forces. They were no match for Vader and the empire many sons of Vjun fell. Those froce sensitives who survived fled to Talus, to hide and gather their strength to strike back against Vader. These force sensitives became known as The Brotherhood of Vjun, as they waged thier bloody guerilla war against Vader and his Imperial forces on Vjun, the Alliance took notice of the Brotherhoods crusade. The Alliance agreed to provide weapons supplies and ships to the Brotherhood in return for thier assistance against the Empire. As the war that began as nothing more than simply to depose Vader and his forces from Vjun waged on, it took on a life of its own, sons and daughters of Vjun of all professions and walks of life have pledged tehmselves to The Brotherhood of Vjun, and all have one common goal to destroy Vader and fight Imperial tyranny anywhere it is found in the galaxy.

If you play in the Bloodfin galaxy and would like to join the Brotherhood of Vjun in their crusade against Vader and the Empire please contact ; Xanderr or Ikoobe


Ikoobe, Apr 22, 12 2:58 PM.
Change: Ok, search for me: Ikoobe. We are on the server Assasins of Sion. Valens is back with us he: Dirje. Xanderr will be returning as well. Come join us. We are an Imoerial guild and would like to have you all back. We currently have 50 members and would be happy to get you all back.


Ikoobe, Dec 25, 11 9:53 PM.
Wish me luck here all! It is Ikoobe and looking to get in touch with as many old BV members as possible. I am up and running in SWTOR on Rubal Crystal server. My toons name is Itashban. Yes, I will make a BH named Ikoobe once we all get together.

Hit me back and we will get this shit started!!!

Hit me here or email me at


Xanderr Holocaust, Nov 21, 09 1:38 PM.
The Brotherhood of Vjun is rebuilding. Looking for old and new members. You know how to find us.

just in case

Ilpokaow, Sep 25, 09 9:46 PM.
As far as I know the most of the officers are on vacation at this time, I stay in touch with night but in case you need me my email is

BV, you know you cant touch this

Ilpokaow, Jul 8, 09 9:33 AM.
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