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Gray Eminence
Frequently Asked Question    
I feel odd being here and asking this, but who are you guys?
We're Gray Eminence, a guild on the Tharridon-Sartok server of Vanguard: Saga of Heroes. Consider us a small group of elite jackasses with plans to make a name for ourselves in this game.

By being awesome. It's in the guild charter.

I'm awesome. Can I join?
Anyone can join, as long as you're willing to abide by our ancient traditions.

Which are?
The only real rule we have is that a member of the guild cannot sully our name by doing something like randomly killing other players.

So I have to just stand there and take it?
Yes. Er, I mean, no. You can finish any fight that's been started. You just can't start one without a valid reason.

And what constitutes a valid reason?
If someone attacks you, you can kill them. If someone is brandishing the guild tag of a kill-on-sight guild, you can call in the rest of the guild and kill them. If someone behaves like a jackass, you can call in the guild and its entire alliance and kill them. If someone has a stupid name, you can call in the alliance, kill them, and camp their corpse for a month.

Sounds a bit...harsh.
Sorry, I don't have to acknowledge anything that isn't a question.

Wait, if anyone can join, doesn't that mean you're going to be diluted with non-awesome players?
We said anyone can join. That doesn't mean everyone can stay.

You mentioned an alliance -- what's that?
It's a merging of efforts and interests between various parties. But that's not important right now.

We try.

Seriously, what's this alliance?
Gray Eminence counts three other Tharridon-Sartok guilds as its allies -- The Red Hand, the Order of the Griffon, and The Sundered Guard. All fine people with a similar philosophy as us.

Why not just make one big guild?
Because then we'd need to change this website's URL.

But you could share a guild chat channel! Wouldn't you like that?
The unnamed alliance (sometimes terrifyingly referred to as the Red Guard of the Gray Griffon or some other such nonsense) shares a chat channel called "[CENSORED]". All members are encouraged to add that to their starting channel lists.

/autojoin add "[CLASSIFIED]" should work.

Wait your channel is called "[YOU DON'T NEED TO KNOW THIS]"?
No, but if we gave the actual channel name out, then any of the jackasses we have spoken of could get in, and know our every thought and plan.  RIGHT, IRVAN? [In an infinite universe, I suppose all things are possible. -Irvan]

So how do I find out the name of the chanel?
Join the guild! You'll learn this, and many other mysterious secrets, such as how some of our players manage to die so often to two-dot mobs five levels below them! RIGHT, RUBATO?

So what is it you, ahem, "awesome" fellows do?
Mostly get together, and knock out a dungeon underleveled and understaffed. We've become damn good because of it. This all assumes, of course, that whatever dungeon we're crawling through at the moment has actually been IMPLEMENTED by Sigil...

When do you do this sort of thing?
Nighttime. Anywhere from 8pm to 3am eastern standard time is prime time for the guild. You might find a random straggler on at other times, but that's when we're on in force.

Do I need to craft or diplomacize to join?
Crafting is encouraged, but not required. Same with diplomacy. Harvesting we highly encourage, because we like to go on resource raids to make things like houses and boats.

Can I have a boat?
NO. Go away.

Look, we might be awesome, but we're also extremely LAZY. What you propose involves time and effort that could be spent killing wolves and boars.

How about a house?
We have plans for establishing guild housing, along with a guild hall, after the various PvP servers merge into the Sartok server. We'll talk later.

So who do you people hate?
Oh boy, you just hit the jackpot. Check out our Kill on Sight list sometime. It's like a tome.

Can I, the reader, actually ask some questions?
Sure. Direct them to your computer monitor, aloud, preferably in the presence of friends and loved ones who will question your grasp upon reality afterwards. It's Another Ancient Tradition(tm).

Ok, I guess I could do thaHEY! I'm on to you!
Fine, fine. If you have any more questions, post them in the forum, or ask them to us online. We're really not that bad a bunch once you get to know us. Maybe. No promises.
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