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Welcome to the Exodus website!

Exodus is a well balanced team of all classes and races.We all get along great and are VERY strict on raids and rules.We strive on perfection in raids and quests,Were currently offering 1 week trials to everyone lvl 60.
Guild Rules :

  • No Whiners
  • Must be able to take orders well
  • Must be active
  • Must be willing to work with a team

Raid Rules :

  • Everyone must bring atleast 1 bag of Cheal pots
  • No /quit or /ex-ing during raids
  • Bind soul before we fight big nameds
  • ALL races MUST be shrunk
  • No being more then 30mins late for a raid

Raids are every Monday,Wednesday,Friday,and Saturday at 7pm central time Everyone must be there within 30mins of raid time.We are VERY strict on these rules.

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Zeets Blight

Zeets Blight

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