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Troll is Troll eenk
Troll eenk broke 1 milyun presschees!
Dec 12, 07 6:54 AM
Troll Pro File'in
Aug 22, 07 2:03 PM
Aug 1, 07 7:48 AM
We Troll is LIVE
Jul 31, 07 9:46 AM
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Welcome to Troll is Troll eenk.

Dis be troll Cape-Group for dose on Pinnacle server.  We big-time good cape-trolls. 

For those unfamiliar with us, we are a casual Super Group in City of Heroes.  This Super-Group is for those who may be feeling a lack of community or peers with similar playtimes/play styles within the game.  The main-idea for us, is to make any type of Hero character that you want, but turn the concept on its head, and make your toon a Troll ethnicity.  Recommended reading to get a grasp on this "Troll" concept would be "Bo Bindel's Troll Diry" located on the City of Heroes Community forums.  bO bINDEL'S Troll Diry

We look forward to seeing more "Trolls" relocating from the Hollows.  Good smashy.

Troll eenk broke 1 milyun presschees!

539080187_Inactive, Dec 12, 07 6:54 AM.
Svergyn big-time proud of trolls in cape-group.  Tanks to dat chees script the devs ran yesterday.. we troll-smashed da chees record for da group!


Troll Pro File'in

539080187_Inactive, Aug 22, 07 2:03 PM.
Dis pulled from Rocko.  Him send Svergyn crazy words bout Trolls in crazy place.  Him say WoW or somethin.  Here dis readin'.

    Q u o t e:

    Why Trolls are better than you.

    There is, without a doubt, no other quintessentially awesome race then that of the troll. Our detractors are quick to point out our hunched posture, bi-phalangical hands and feet, and lack luster active and passive racial traits. These people are noobs. I will explain.


    Trolls, by their very nature, are very modest and easy going. Knowing full well that standing at their full height would shame other horde races, they slouch to make Orcs, Tauren, and Undead feel less like gnomes. Trolls hate nothing more then gnomes, and would never want their allies to feel like such pathetic creatures in their presence.

    Hands and Feet:

    Obviously, trolls COULD regenerate themselves more fingers and toes if they wished...however there is nothing trolls hate more then the ostentatiousness of extraneous digits. And you should thank them for it. Ask yourself this: While losing horribly to a troll in a duel, would you really want more then two toes stuck up your ass as you frantically try to type /yield? I don't think so, and neither do trolls. Fun fact: Troll toes are the leading cause of and cure for colon cancer.


    These are Bliizard's acknowledgment that trolls are the best race in every computer game ever. Plus 5 to bows and throwing weapons? Ten percent of regeneration continues in combat? The ability to attack faster when at 20% health? THis is all an attempt to stop people from QQing on the forums about how overpowered trolls are. And it works. No one complains about the over poweredness of troll racials. Not because Blizzard did something right, but because people are afraid that if they complain, trolls will hack their accounts, power level them to 70, buy them epic mounts, and then delete the character.


    The raptor is the sports car of warcraft mounts, and it is no accident that trolls ride them. Tauren have semi-cool mounts, you know, if you like minivans.

    Playable classes:

    Trolls can be any class they want.

    It's true. You might be thinking, but wait, lol, trolls can't be warlocks or paladins or druids! You would be wrong. There is no shame in it...your puny non-troll brain simply can not handle...thought. So I will explain.

    Trolls can be rogues, mages, shaman, and warriors. Therefore they are like druids.

    Trolls priests can use holy magic and troll warriors can wear plate. Therefore they are like paladins.

    Troll priests can use shadow magic and troll mages can use fire. Therefore they are like warlocks.

    Put simply, there is not anything a troll can not do...except suck as much as a warlock. They're working on it, but it's kinda on the back burner.

Lastly, tusks.

    This should not even be on the list, as it is basic knowledge that things WITH tusks are just better than things WITHOUT tusks. It can be summed up with the following equation:

    Tusks > No Tusks

    These apendages are extremely useful for killing, cooking, cleaning, opening letters, and mating. In fact, a troll skilled in tusking can actually kill a gnome, roast it, mop up the blood, open his fan mail, and work diligently to give you a new baby brother all at the same time.

    So you see, trolls are better then you. In every way. You may be wondering why every time you visit a troll village everyone is dancing and playing catch and having a good time? It's because they are secure in their knowledge they are not you.

539080187_Inactive, Aug 1, 07 7:48 AM.
Sver need tell bout Big Time Troll Cape Group base he make. Rocko like da roof best. Troll is TROLL!

We Troll is LIVE

539080187_Inactive, Jul 31, 07 9:46 AM.
Svergyn getting hang of dis web-thinger.  Me put news here when tings of troll nature happen.  Troll is TROLL!
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