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Soul Crusaders, founded on 31 July 2007, is a
 Social Raiding Guild with a current focus on 10 man content on the Alliance side, on Draenor EU. We understand that real life comes first and that there is more to the game than raiding. To this effect, we organise fun events amidst the raids; including RL BBQs :). We also enjoy raid progression, which requires some level of organisation. We have a great team of officers and a pleasant atmosphere thanks to the calibre of our members.

For a little bit of background, the theme of this guild was inspired by the following short story:

I hope you enjoy your stay with us :)

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Googles prevent Flashing lights

Jaelra, Aug 15, 12 4:51 PM.


Lakshmii, Jul 27, 12 4:14 PM.
The entries are in and the competition is closed - vote now in the polls for your favourite rank name! The polls are separated by rank. Choose wisely as these new rank names will be the start of a new SC legacy! :)

Don't miss our special event on Sun 5 Aug at 10pm server time in the SW trade district to celebrate 5 years of Soul Crusaders!

I'm detecting a theme...

Jaelra, Jul 16, 12 4:16 PM.

At last, some new GAPs

Jaelra, Jul 16, 12 1:59 PM.

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